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(Imperial Cutter)
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Oct 22, 2020
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1,430,187,123 Cr
15 - 6th Exploration

A "short" 2-day trip about ~5000 lys away from the bubble, including a high-climb to the "Top".

The highest point was BYOI TREIA XP-N D7-0. Not as high up as I had hoped, but in the future I will try that again in the core region.

14 - Ships, Probes and a short journey to the top


My fleet now consists of 4 ships. A small one for short expeditions (Diamondback Ex), a big one for long expeditions (Anaconda), a big one for mining, trading and transports (Cutter) and another Cutter as a battleship.


I visited Voyager 1 and 2, as well as New Horizons.

Journey To The Top:

I took my Anaconda to a trip, aiming for a near "high up" system. In this case: BRAUFAE ZT-Q D5-0. Jumponium was the key.

13 - Things to do

In the last few weeks I've taken care of various little things.

On the one hand, there was the Community Goal that I completed and made it into the top ten. It was required to collect and submit bounty certificates.

My fight rank is now master.

I also dealt with the various weapon systems and their modifications.

And I visited a Thargoid base (inactive) for the first time. (HIP 19026). Interesting, but also creepy.

12 - 5th Exploration

A journey to Colonia trough "Temple" and "Orion-Cygnus Arm". After that a visit to the "Conflux-" and "Hawkins Gap Sites" of Project Dynasty.

I also reached 500.000 lys of travel distance.

11 Points of Interest

The last days and weeks after the last Exploration, I was visiting certain places and learning about the history of the Thargoid-Human conflict;

That includes early contacts, INRAs Mycoid campaign and also newer events from the last years.

The next thing I'll do is visiting the Formidine Rift, and go to the Ouposts from Project Dynasty.

10 Fourth Expedition - Part Three

"The Voyage Home" starts from "Explorers Anchorage" near Sag A*.

I set a personal new record, on my direct flight back: 26.000 lightyears in about 6 hours.


~1500 new systems discovered and mapped. Lagrange clouds and bio stuff found. About ~350.000.000 credits earned.

09 Fourth Expedition - Part Two
  1. Trojans Belt

Nothing special. Only some areas with a low density of neutrons.

  1. The Veil and the Arcardian Stream

A fast Route to the Core. 15.000 lys in 4 hours.

  1. Rikers Hope

Visited a nebula.

  1. Deep Core

I found an unexplored b-h system some 1000 lys near Sag A* (Eor Chruia JM-W f1-1228) and I started mapping the systems around it.

The star density is very high and contains ~100 star systems in an 25 lys radius.

When I'm done, I'll go to "Explorers Anchorage" near Sag A* for selling the data.

08 Fourth Expedition - Part One
  1. Sanguienous Rim

At least 150 new systems, some earth-like worlds and one of the few black holes out there.

  1. Achilles Altar

About 150 new systems, including one black hole. There is a big gap without neutron stars, about 2500 - 5000 lys wide, in the upper neutron field. Visited "DSSA Nereus’ Deep".

  1. Lyras Song

A short fly-through to Hawkins Gap. About 40 new systems. Nothing special. Low star density between the two regions, but FSD Boosts are not needed.

  1. Hawkins Gap

Reached the upper neutron field. Found another black hole. Maybe moving nearer to the core and explore some new regions.

  1. Drymanns Point

10 systems with Lagrange-Clouds and Bio-stuff inside them. One cloud was in an asteroid belt arround a gas giant. Reached "DSSA Drymanns Hope".

  1. Sag-Carina Arm

A short fly-through with about 15 jumps, before I reach the "Trojan Belt". I got now over 1500 newly explored systems. One System with Lagrange Clouds. The Bio-Thing attacked my ships systems and dealt a little bit of damage.

Conclusion: 600 new systems, Lagrange Clouds with Bio activity

07 POIs, Passengers and I

Back in the Bubble, I came to the conclusion that I only need two ships so far:

One Ananconda with up to 76 lys jump-range and one Krait Phantom with 50 lys jumpa-range, good speed and good armament. Only a Cutter for laser mining and mass trading needs to be bought on a later date.

And also something small and handy for core-mining.

I increased my Fed-rank (the final goal is the permit to all systems, not the corvette) and I also researched some of the "more relevant" POIs.

The number of transported passengers has increased to over 1000.

But now I'm back at (slow) exploration. So no neutron-highway for the next days.

Goal: 2500 "first discovered" systems. I'm now 992.

06 Passenger & Third Expedition

After some more mods on my Anaconda (Lightweight...), I took a passenger-mission to the Core for 31.000.000.

Yesterday I came back, finished the mission and sold my exploration-data for 300.000.000. My explorer-rank is now "Elite". :-)

In the coming days and weeks, I will go for (story-related) POIs, gather materials and finish the mods on my two ships.

Especially on the Imperial Courier, because, after the events of the last days and weeks, I can smell war on the horizon.

Be it the Thargoids, or Imps againts Feds, something is coming. And I want to be ready for it.