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Liberty [DV-25A]
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Oct 11, 2016
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Day 2 of material collection run, Traikaae YH-F C13-0 3 A & 1

Had a good material collection run today, managed to amass a total of 24 units of polonium. After that I went to planet 1 where I collected yttrium up to a total of 24 units, which means I now have materials to make 24 level 3 jumponium injections. Tomorrow I want to go to planet 6 to collect a bit of germanium so as to be able to make level 2 jumponium injections. After that, I'll be going to planet 4 or 8 and moon 6 A to look for tellurium and ruthenium, which are the only materials I'm missing for producing level 3 AFM refills, which would be nice to have. Planet 7 has technetium and mercury for producing level 3 SRV refuels, that would also be nice to have. If anyone reading this is wondering, yes, I like premium synthesis.

Day 1 of Material collection run, Traikaae YH-F C13-0 3 A

Today I made a material collection run in SRV N°1. Found a variety of useful materials, including 6 units of polonium, which finally enables me to make level 3 jumponium. Dumped a bunch of materials useless for exploration. I'm planning on staying on this planet until I collect at least 15 units of polonium, which might take a while.