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Ormen Lange [OL-001]
(Federal Corvette)
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Dec 10, 2016
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194,256,395 Cr

Finally home at Jahn Dock.

Zudov Hub

This hub in RMK 6, CD-51 2650 Guardians, seems to have been attacked by the Thargoids, and it's now under repairs. I wonder if it's worth to come back here to see if there's anything I can help (the empire) with.

Synuefe IM-L c24-13

Oh joy! Found an earth-like on the way home. :)


Tried boosting for the first time. Got six premium boosts, and it gives me over 100 Ly unladen, but 99.15 Ly with my current setup. I'll use up five of the boosts to get home quicker, but leave the last for that moment when I'm in a pinch. Already shortened the trip quite a bit, but not really in time, however...

Guardian Materials secured

Finding the landing spot was almost the hardest part! Except for the fact that I managed to get stuck while fighting the drones, everything went alright. It was easier to find all the pylons on this site compared to the other one I went to. But Ok, off to Empire and Ualarni to share my loot! 17 jumps with my current AspX, but a lot less once I install the Guardina FSD booster! ^^

Reminder: Next timg, bring a point defence module. It'll shoot down the missiles being lobbed from the drones.

Finally landed in HD 63154 for Guardian Structure

The current plan is to probe down each planet, and then find the Guardian Structure.

Progress: A 1 Next: A 6, 4, 5, 7, 8, B 4, 2, 1 The Guardian Site is rumoured to be at B 3 A.

A 3 has Yttrium and Germanium that I can use for boosting my FSD to get back faster.

Col 173 Sector UP-F b27-3

Interesting ammonia world here.

Guardian Structure at Synuefe HP-E B45-8 D 3

By chance, I came across a Guardian Structure today. I was actually moving to another one, further away, but there just happened to be one in the system I was in. It's on Synuefe HP-E B45-8 D 3, close to -42.601933, -155.-653214. Should be within viewing distance from that point. Quite and eery place...

After approaching the structures and rummaging around for a bit, I was startled by a few waves of drones (Guardian skimmers) attacking me, but I managed to fend them off in my SRV. They shot missiles after me, but they were actually quite easy to shoot down. Well, if you're not also enduring direct fire from them. The drones were pretty hard to kill, however, so it's recommended to use the most expensive SRV ammo refill, and stand far back to shoot down the incomming missiles.

I'm trying to get that long range Guardian FSD booster, but it would seem I'm still a blueprint and a some 11 Guardian Technology Components away from getting it.

The system also has some other interesting phenomenæ.

Next Planet for probing: B45-8 AB 1

This seems to be a pretty sweet system with a water world and plenty of high metal worlds. Gonna see if I can't fill up my FSD injector.

Guardian FSD Boost Time

OMW to find some sweet Guardian loot so I can finally equip an FSD booster for my AspX. Been doing some tourist runs in Robigo up until now, just to find a better ship. I also found out that bumping turrets can be cool, especially if you build a bumper fit! :)

Currently I have a Viper Mk. IV fitted for bumping turrets. Did the Robigo runs in a AspX outfitted for tourism.

Now, off in my AspX Explorer I to hit those sweet Guardian sites. (Oh jeez, I hope it's not the end of me!)