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skimmer Scourge [ZE-18I]
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Dec 10, 2016
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202,877,006 Cr
Mufrid - Rescue Call

I've heard there are gains to be made from an entrepreneuring rescue worker. It might not be the most honest way of getting into the ambulance business, but in my humble opinion it's as good as any. I'm promised I'll see the dream site of any pyromaniac as well, so I guess that's a bonus. Sort of. Anyway, don't have time to chit-chat. Fitting up and Ambulance Orca as we speak, and getting ready to head out. Got people to save!

I fitted up this ship for the job. I had some problems getting the right thrusters, so I had to hop over to LHS 350 for that.

Agnesi Colony, Akandi

Taking off in my brand new Krait Mk. II and heading to Fong Wang (closest system with a dockable station) for resupply. Did a very good first run, earning around 45 M Cr on mining.

Let's celebrate by getting some materials! No, not with the Krait; with the Diamondback Scout! One of the cheapest ship to fit for the task, namely this one: On the other hand, after doing it for a while, I did miss the handy collector limpets on my Krait. I'll probably build a better collector for my next run, but the D Scout is a fun ship, though!

Callici - Krait Mk. II Deep Core Miner

Yes, I just bought a Krait Mk. II and outfitted it for Deep Core mining. I haven't really tried much other mining, though I think I have a Type-6 outfitted for regular mining hiding in a station somewhere. This kind of mining seems a little more involved, however, so I'm going to try it out.


Finally home at Jahn Dock.

Zudov Hub

This hub in RMK 6, CD-51 2650 Guardians, seems to have been attacked by the Thargoids, and it's now under repairs. I wonder if it's worth to come back here to see if there's anything I can help (the empire) with.

Synuefe IM-L c24-13

Oh joy! Found an earth-like on the way home. :)


Tried boosting for the first time. Got six premium boosts, and it gives me over 100 Ly unladen, but 99.15 Ly with my current setup. I'll use up five of the boosts to get home quicker, but leave the last for that moment when I'm in a pinch. Already shortened the trip quite a bit, but not really in time, however...

Guardian Materials secured

Finding the landing spot was almost the hardest part! Except for the fact that I managed to get stuck while fighting the drones, everything went alright. It was easier to find all the pylons on this site compared to the other one I went to. But Ok, off to Empire and Ualarni to share my loot! 17 jumps with my current AspX, but a lot less once I install the Guardina FSD booster! ^^

Reminder: Next timg, bring a point defence module. It'll shoot down the missiles being lobbed from the drones.

Finally landed in HD 63154 for Guardian Structure

The current plan is to probe down each planet, and then find the Guardian Structure.

Progress: A 1 Next: A 6, 4, 5, 7, 8, B 4, 2, 1 The Guardian Site is rumoured to be at B 3 A.

A 3 has Yttrium and Germanium that I can use for boosting my FSD to get back faster.

Col 173 Sector UP-F b27-3

Interesting ammonia world here.