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(Krait Phantom)
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Jan 25, 2018
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Arrived at Beagle Point! Distant Worlds 2

Made it! Arrived at Beagle Point! I put together a little video of my arrival.

Now the journey home begins! First stop: Colonia!

Viride Umbrella Mollusc investigation video clip

I sometimes stream Elite: Dangerous on Twitch:

Investigating an umbrella mollusc in a blue lagrange cloud in the Colonia system.

enter image description here

Llyn Tegid Nebula

EliteDangerous #DistantWorlds2 #DW2

enter image description here

Exploring the Skaudai Guardian Ruins.

Thanks to the technology developed by the engineer Ram Tah, we can download & decode the alien data patterns embedded within these ancient obelisks.

EliteDangerous #DistantWorlds2 #DW2

enter image description here

Elite Explorer!

Docked at Sacaqawea Port, sold my exploration data for a good amount of credits and got this notification! Woohoo! Finally!

enter image description here

Just casually passing by a Black Hole at Skaude (Collection of Wonders)

enter image description here

Exploring the Rusty Net Nebula and Neutron Star

GalMap Ref: Skaude AL-X e1-28 02:16 Neutron Star

Silicate Magma Spouts

Investigating Notable Stellar Phenomenon

Metalic Crystals and P01-Type Anomaly