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Imię: Fusang Heavy Engineering
Sojusz: Independent
Rząd: Corporate
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Moving Tomorrow Today!

Fusang Heavy Engineering will be ramping up operations in the coming several months. We will be working wing cargo and wing mining missions in the Fusang/Ho Hsi/Ascella/Zeta Trianguli Australis corridor of the Sol Bubble.

Bring your Type 9s, Your Type 7s, your Pythons. We need truckers, Miners, Combat escorts, and Ship Launched Fighter jocks.

Contact me on Twitter @ED_FHE or

I will be managing memberships to this group via EDSM (click the "Join Guild" button

For game play purposes:

Find my playgroup "Jimsmuzz" in Elite Dangerous. For now, this group will be the FHE group (working on establishing it as a recognized player group in the Elite Dangerous game)

We do PVE, on private group. Once we have some members, we will move into Open.

Long term goal is to take a place at Cleve Vision as an in-game Minor Faction.