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Found 77,863 minor factions.
Home system
9 Omicron Virginis Freedom Party Independent Dictatorship 9 Omicron Virginis
9 Omicron Virginis Incorporated Independent Corporate 9 Omicron Virginis
9 Puppis Comms Corp. Federation Corporate 9 Puppis
9 Puppis Organisation Federation Corporate 9 Puppis
9 Ursae Minoris Crimson Creative Independent Corporate 9 Ursae Minoris
9 Ursae Minoris Services Federation Corporate 9 Ursae Minoris
9 Ursae Minoris Unionists Alliance Communism 9 Ursae Minoris
90 G. Canis Majoris Galactic Independent Corporate 90 G. Canis Majoris
90 G. Canis Majoris Group Federation Corporate 90 G. Canis Majoris
90 G. Canis Majoris Unionists Independent Communism 90 G. Canis Majoris
91 Sigma-1 Tauri Jet Ring Independent Anarchy 91 Sigma-1 Tauri
91 Sigma-1 Tauri Major Group Independent Corporate 91 Sigma-1 Tauri
91 Sigma-1 Tauri Purple General Independent Corporate 91 Sigma-1 Tauri
91st Intergalactic Corps Federation Democracy LHS 1928
93 Rho Piscium Electronics Organisation Independent Corporate 93 Rho Piscium
97 i Tauri Network Independent Corporate 97 i Tauri
98 Aquarii Comms Solutions Independent Corporate 98 Aquarii
98 Aquarii One Independent Cooperative 98 Aquarii
98 Aquarii Services Empire Corporate 98 Aquarii
A Different Kind Federation Democracy Saktsak
A Industries LTD Empire Corporate Tangaroa
A Lavigny-Duval
a Pavonis The Jet Gang Independent Anarchy
A. Lavigny-Duval
A.N.T.R.O Empire Corporate
A.T.L.A.S Independent Corporate
Aakuagsakh Limited Independent Corporate Aakuagsakh
Aakuagsakh Pirates Independent Anarchy
Aakuman Crimson Raiders Independent Anarchy Aakuman
Aakuman Holdings Independent Corporate Aakuman
Aakuman Prison Colony Independent Prison colony Aakuman
Aakushu Brothers Independent Anarchy Aakushu
Aakushu Dynamic Co Independent Corporate Aakushu
Aakushu Empire Party Empire Patronage Aakushu
Aakushu Imperial Society Empire Patronage Aakushu
Aapelinja Movement Independent Dictatorship Aapelinja
Aapelinja Nationals Independent Dictatorship Aapelinja
Aapelinja Silver Creative Inc Independent Corporate Aapelinja
Aapelinja Silver Vision Inc Independent Corporate Aapelinja
Aapep Cartel Independent Anarchy
Aapep Noblement Independent Feudal
Aapep Power Company Independent Corporate
Aarti Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage
Aarti Silver Cartel Independent Anarchy
Aasgaa Bureau Independent Dictatorship Aasgaa
Aasgaa Purple Netcoms Services Federation Corporate Aasgaa
Aasgaa Silver Gang Independent Anarchy Aasgaa
Aasgananu Bridge Solutions Federation Corporate Aasgananu
Aasgananu Future Independent Democracy Aasgananu
Aasgananu Hand Gang Independent Anarchy Aasgananu
Aasgananu Regulatory State Independent Dictatorship Aasgananu
Aasgay Independents Federation Democracy Aasgay
Aasgay Nationals Independent Dictatorship Aasgay
Aasgay Party Independent Dictatorship Aasgay
Aasgay Purple Central Org Independent Corporate Aasgay
AATP Cooperative Independent Cooperative
AB Pictoris Brothers Independent Anarchy AB Pictoris
AB Pictoris Commodities Empire Corporate AB Pictoris
AB Pictoris Values Party Independent Democracy AB Pictoris
Abaana Gold Federal Industries Empire Corporate Abaana
Abaana Silver Family Independent Anarchy Abaana
Abaana Solutions Empire Corporate Abaana
Abaana Stakeholders Independent Cooperative Abaana
Abanda Industries Empire Corporate Abanda
Abanda Organisation Independent Anarchy
Abasina Crimson Central Network Independent Corporate
Abasina Empire League Empire Patronage Abasina
Abasina Purple Dragons Independent Anarchy
Abasina Union Party Independent Communism
Abasses Industry Independent Corporate Abasses
Abasses Republic Party Independent Democracy Abasses
Abassong Free Federation Democracy Abassong
Abassong Jet Electronics Dev Independent Corporate Abassong
Abassong Jet Mob Independent Anarchy Abassong
Abassong Nationalists Independent Dictatorship Abassong
Abast Samo Alliance Federation Confederacy Abast Samo
Abast Samo General Organisation Independent Corporate Abast Samo
Abast Samo Purple Dragons Independent Anarchy Abast Samo
Abattoir Gang Independent Anarchy
Abazahua Gold Syndicate Independent Anarchy Abazahua
Abazahua Independent Bridge Independent Patronage Abazahua
Abazahua Purple Netcoms Limited Independent Corporate Abazahua
Abazahua Stakeholders Independent Cooperative Abazahua
Abazates Network Independent Corporate Abazates
Abazi Advanced Ltd Independent Corporate Abazi
Abazi Alliance Federation Confederacy Abazi
Abazi aristocrats Independent Feudal
Abazi Blue Clan Independent Anarchy Abazi
Abe Major Partners Empire Corporate Abe
Abe Organisation Independent Anarchy Abe
Aberrant Outlaws Independent Communism Futeno
Abi Crimson Raiders Independent Anarchy Abi
Abi Focus Independent Dictatorship Abi
Abi Jet Natural Incorporated Federation Corporate Abi
Abi Progressive Party Federation Democracy Abi
Abibitoa Boys Independent Anarchy Abibitoa
Abibitoa Crew Independent Anarchy Abibitoa
Abibitoa Dynamic Industries Independent Corporate Abibitoa
Abibitoa Partnership Federation Confederacy Abibitoa
Abidji Gold Camorra Independent Anarchy