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Found 77,863 minor factions.
Home system
Acanthu Purple Boys Independent Anarchy Acanthu
Acanthu Silver General Corp. Federation Corporate Acanthu
Acants Blue Hand Gang Independent Anarchy Acants
Acants Free Federation Democracy Acants
Acants Silver Creative Co Independent Corporate Acants
Acants Transport Interstellar Independent Corporate Acants
Acatesano Partnership Federation Confederacy Acatesano
Acawar Coordinated Independent Cooperative Acawar
Acawar Hand Gang Independent Anarchy Acawar
Accidental Pirates Independent Democracy Jukagha
ACE Exploration Independent Democracy
ACE Photographics Independent Corporate
Ace Pilot Association Independent Corporate
Ace Pilot Wing Empire Corporate
Ace Security Surveillance Independent Corporate
Aces Wild Aerospace Corporation Independent Corporate
Achali Commodities Independent Corporate Achali
Achali Purple Brothers Independent Anarchy Achali
Achan One Independent Cooperative Achan
Achan Systems Empire Corporate
Achansa Gold Drug Empire Independent Anarchy Achansa
Achapsugs as one Independent Cooperative Achapsugs
Achapsugs Holdings Empire Corporate Achapsugs
Achar Gold Society Independent Anarchy
Achar Jet State Incorporated Independent Corporate
Achar League Federation Confederacy Achar
Ache Advanced Inc Independent Corporate Ache
Ache Crew Independent Anarchy Ache
Ache Puritans Independent Theocracy Ache
Ache Silver Netcoms Corporation Independent Corporate Ache
Achehoongat Empire Group Empire Patronage Achehoongat
Achehoongat Energy Group Empire Corporate Achehoongat
Achehoongat Major Holdings Independent Corporate Achehoongat
Achehoongat Purple Dragons Independent Anarchy Achehoongat
Achehoongat Values Party Independent Democracy Achehoongat
Achelous Central Ltd Federation Corporate Achelous
Achelous Crimson Hand Gang Independent Anarchy Achelous
Achelous Front Independent Dictatorship Achelous
Achelous Smart Industry Corp Federation Corporate Achelous
Achelous Solutions Independent Corporate Achelous
Achenar Comms Co Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Empire League Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Empire Party Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Immortals Empire Patronage Paras
Achenar Jet Organisation Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Trading and Mining Empire Corporate
Achenar Universal Incorporated Empire Patronage Achenar
Achenar Workers Party Independent Communism Nisgayo
Acheron Syndicate Independent Cooperative
Acheron Vanguard Federation Corporate
Achian Dominion Independent Dictatorship
Achian Jet Boys Independent Anarchy
Achian Partners Independent Corporate Achian
Achian Worker's Party Independent Communism
Achilles Corporation Independent Patronage Thule
Achini Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Achini
Achini Crimson Universal Co Independent Corporate Achini
Achini Empire League Empire Patronage Achini
Achlys Blue Brothers Independent Anarchy Achlys
Achlys Jet Allied Network Federation Corporate Achlys
Achlys Nobles Independent Feudal Achlys
Achosi Jet Mob Independent Anarchy
Achosi Limited Federation Corporate
Achosi Shared Independent Cooperative
Achrende General Inc Empire Corporate Achrende
Achreni Blue Cartel Independent Anarchy Achreni
Achreni Empire League Empire Patronage Achreni
Achreni Fortune Solutions Independent Corporate Achreni
Achreni Interstellar Empire Corporate Achreni
Achuar Jet Society Independent Anarchy Achuar
Achuar Purple Electronics Sysy Empire Corporate Achuar
Acihaut Interstellar Independent Corporate Acihaut
Acihaut Naval Front Federation Confederacy Acihaut
Acihaut Silver Clan Independent Anarchy Acihaut
Acionna Blue Syndicate Independent Anarchy Acionna
Acionna Confederacy Federation Confederacy Acionna
Acionna Organisation Independent Corporate Acionna
Ackwada Boys Independent Anarchy Ackwada
Ackwada Gold Allied Group Independent Corporate Ackwada
Ackycha aristocrats Independent Feudal Ackycha
Ackycha Company Federation Corporate Ackycha
Ackycha Council Independent Anarchy Ackycha
ACME Interstellar Independent Corporate Gommatchal
Acokwa Boys Independent Anarchy Acokwa
Acokwa Electronics Group Independent Corporate
Acokwang allied Independent Cooperative Acokwang
Acokwang Dominion Independent Feudal Acokwang
Acokwang Silver United Inc Empire Corporate Acokwang
Acokwech Gold Society Independent Anarchy Acokwech
Acokwech People's Co-operative Independent Cooperative Acokwech
Acokwech Purple Transport Dev Federation Corporate Acokwech
Acokwus State PLC Independent Corporate
Acolytes of Okami Independent Cooperative
Acoman Council Independent Anarchy Acoman
Acoman Jet Transport Limited Federation Corporate Acoman
Acomatshi Blue Organisation Independent Anarchy Acomatshi
Acomatshi Jet Advanced Network Federation Corporate Acomatshi
Acorn Freelancers Corporate Faction Empire Corporate
Acuruncegi Blue Mob Independent Anarchy Acuruncegi
Acuruncegi One Independent Cooperative