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Found 77,863 minor factions.
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Adlirvantan Vision Industries Independent Corporate Adlirvantan
Adlivun Allied Ltd Independent Corporate Adlivun
Adlivun Mob Independent Anarchy
Adlivuni Organisation Independent Anarchy
Adnoannoda Democrats Federation Democracy Adnoannoda
Adnoannoda Liberty Party Independent Dictatorship Adnoannoda
Adnoannoda Life Partners Independent Corporate Adnoannoda
Adnoartina Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Adnoartina
Adnoartina Co-op Independent Cooperative Adnoartina
Adnoartina Creative Holdings Empire Corporate Adnoartina
Adnoartina Noblement Empire Feudal Adnoartina
Adnovi Security Holdings Federation Corporate Wolf 287
Adnyan Blue Clan Independent Anarchy
Adnyan Blue Federal Solutions Independent Corporate Adnyan
Adnyayar Blue Drug Empire Independent Anarchy
Adnyayar Industries Independent Corporate
Adnyayar Limited Independent Corporate
Adnyayar Movement Independent Dictatorship
Adria Co Independent Corporate Adria
Adria Exchange Independent Corporate Adria
Adria Partnership Independent Anarchy Adria
Adriatikuru League Independent Dictatorship Adriatikuru
Adriatikuru Natural Services Independent Corporate Adriatikuru
Adriatikuru PLC Federation Corporate Adriatikuru
Adro Inc Independent Corporate Adro
ADS 10035 Crimson Universal & Co Independent Corporate ADS 10035
ADS 10035 Purple General Ltd Independent Corporate ADS 10035
ADS 16553 Advanced Limited Independent Corporate ADS 16553
ADS 16553 Liberals Federation Democracy ADS 16553
ADS 16553 Silver Pirates Independent Anarchy ADS 16553
ADS 8444 Electronics Incorporated Independent Corporate ADS 8444
ADS 8444 Future Federation Democracy ADS 8444
ADS 8444 Organisation Independent Anarchy ADS 8444
ADS 8444 Silver Council Independent Anarchy ADS 8444
Aduni Central Industries Independent Corporate Aduni
Aduni Dragons Independent Anarchy Aduni
Aduni Inc Independent Corporate Aduni
Aduninuan & Co Independent Corporate Aduninuan
Aduninuan Corp. Independent Corporate Aduninuan
Aduninuan Purple Boys Independent Anarchy Aduninuan
ADVENT Independent Feudal Banephtha
Adventurer's Guild Independent Cooperative
AE Fornacis Coordinated Independent Cooperative AE Fornacis
AE Fornacis Gold Dragons Independent Anarchy AE Fornacis
AE Fornacis PLC Federation Corporate AE Fornacis
Aebocori Domain Empire Feudal Aebocori
Aebocori Industry Empire Corporate Aebocori
Aebocori Silver Posse Independent Anarchy Aebocori
Aebocorio Blue Central PLC Empire Corporate Aebocorio
Aecerbot Monarchy Independent Feudal Aecerbot
Aecerbot Natural & Co Independent Corporate Aecerbot
Aeduci Council Independent Anarchy Aeduci
Aeduci Interstellar Federation Corporate Aeduci
Aeducini Commodities Independent Corporate
Aeducini Empire Pact Empire Patronage Aeducini
Aedui Electronics Services Independent Corporate Aedui
Aedui Jet Major Inc Independent Corporate Aedui
Aedui Partnership Federation Confederacy Aedui
Aeduwona Holdings Empire Corporate Aeduwona
AEF 54th Tactical Wing Federation Democracy Ross 733
AEF Legion of LFT 133 Federation Democracy LFT 133
Aegaeon Silver Bridge Systems Federation Corporate Aegaeon
Aegaeon Silver Syndicate Independent Anarchy Aegaeon
Aegean Pirates Inc Federation Corporate LHS 449
Aegida Defence Party Empire Dictatorship Aegida
Aegida Gold Travel Services Independent Corporate Aegida
Aegida Inc Independent Corporate Aegida
Aegida Rats Independent Anarchy Aegida
Aegidal Hand Gang Independent Anarchy
Aegilakan Crimson Gang Independent Anarchy Aegilakan
Aegilakan Incorporated Independent Corporate Aegilakan
Aegilips Co Federation Corporate Aegilips
Aegilips Purple Gang Independent Anarchy Aegilips
Aegion Cartel Independent Anarchy G 190-28
Aegir Dragons Independent Anarchy Aegir
Aegis Acropolis Independent Cooperative
Aegis Core Independent Cooperative
Aegis Defense Independent Cooperative
Aegis Imperium Empire Patronage
Aegis of Federal Democrats Federation Democracy Rana
Aegis Research Independent Cooperative
Aegis Vanguard Independent Cooperative
Aeipoetue Meritocracy Independent Communism Banemu
Aeneas Labour Federation Democracy Aeneas
Aeneas Organisation Independent Corporate Aeneas
Aeneas Resistance Federation Democracy Aeneas
Aeng Dimo Constitution Party Independent Dictatorship Aeng Dimo
Aeng Dimo Crimson Mob Independent Anarchy Aeng Dimo
Aeng Dimo Legal Co Federation Corporate Aeng Dimo
Aeolus & Co Federation Corporate Aeolus
Aeolus Collective Independent Cooperative Aeolus
Aeolus Syndicate Independent Anarchy Aeolus
Aeon Astrotech Federation Corporate Chemaku
Aequeelg Council Independent Anarchy Aequeelg
Aequeelg Free Federation Democracy Aequeelg
Aequiatalaa Purple Brothers Independent Anarchy
Aequiatalaa Silver Universal Empire Corporate Aequiatalaa
Aerial Universal Network Independent Corporate Aerial
Aerial Worker's Party Independent Communism Aerial
Aesir Heavy Industries Independent Corporate