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Found 77,862 minor factions.
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Acurus Allied & Co Independent Corporate Acurus
Acurus Order Independent Dictatorship Acurus
Acurus Party Independent Dictatorship Acurus
Ad Ignotum Exploration Group Independent Corporate
Adach Co Federation Corporate Adach
Adach Focus Independent Dictatorship
Adach Jet Partnership Independent Anarchy
Adachit Fortune Inc Empire Corporate Adachit
Adachit Gold Crew Independent Anarchy Adachit
Adachit Guardians of Tradition Empire Patronage Adachit
Adachit Solutions Empire Corporate Adachit
Adad Exchange Empire Corporate Adad
Adad Life Group Federation Corporate Adad
Adamantine Union Independent Communism Uibuth
Adan Coordinated Independent Cooperative Adan
Adan Council Independent Anarchy Adan
Adan Jet Major Interstellar Empire Corporate Adan
Addo Brothers Independent Anarchy Addo
Addo Dominion Empire Feudal Addo
Addo Silver Advanced Partners Federation Corporate Addo
Addo Silver Federal Holdings Federation Corporate Addo
Addovices Blue Hand Gang Independent Anarchy Addovices
Addovices Confederacy Federation Confederacy Addovices
Addovices Partners Federation Corporate Addovices
Addovichs Inc Independent Corporate Addovichs
Addovichs Jet Gang Independent Anarchy Addovichs
Addovichs Noblement Empire Feudal Addovichs
Addovii Crimson Transport PLC Federation Corporate Addovii
Addovii Gold Mob Independent Anarchy Addovii
Addovik Advanced Corp. Independent Corporate Addovik
Addovik Constitution Party Empire Dictatorship Addovik
Addovik Democrats Independent Democracy Addovik
Addovik Nationalists Independent Dictatorship Addovik
Addovika Brotherhood Independent Anarchy
Addovika Citizen Party Independent Communism
Addovika Company Independent Corporate
Addovika Empire Party Empire Patronage Addovika
Adeka Jet Camorra Independent Anarchy Adeka
Adeka Travel Holdings Independent Corporate Adeka
Adekalta Legal Commodities Independent Corporate Adekalta
Adenates Central Services Federation Corporate Adenates
Adenets Defence Force Independent Dictatorship Adenets
Adenets Exchange Federation Corporate Adenets
Adenets Interstellar Independent Corporate Adenets
Adenets Pro-Alliance Bond Alliance Patronage Adenets
Adenses Alliance Governance Alliance Patronage Adenses
Adenses Limited Federation Corporate Adenses
Adensu First Independent Dictatorship Adensu
Adensu Industries Independent Corporate Adensu
Adeo Independents Federation Democracy Adeo
Adeo Purple Vision Corporation Independent Corporate Adeo
Adeo Vision Industries Independent Corporate Adeo
Adepti Fortune Network Independent Corporate Adepti
Adepti Jet Ring Independent Anarchy Adepti
Adepti Liberals Federation Democracy Adepti
Adils Partnership Independent Anarchy Adils
Adils Power Industries Independent Corporate Adils
Adils Travel Industries Independent Corporate Adils
Adit for Equality Independent Democracy Adit
Adit Gold Partnership Independent Anarchy Adit
Adit Major PLC Independent Corporate Adit
Adit Nationals Independent Dictatorship Adit
Adit Order Empire Dictatorship Adit
Aditi Crimson Energy Inc Empire Corporate Aditi
Aditi Empire League Empire Patronage Aditi
Aditi Jet Mafia Independent Anarchy Aditi
Aditi Jet Universal Interstellar Independent Corporate Aditi
Aditjana Blue Drug Empire Independent Anarchy
Aditjana Corporation Independent Corporate
Aditjana Nobles Independent Feudal Aditjana
Aditjana People's Co-operative Independent Cooperative
Aditjargl Galactic Corporation Independent Corporate Aditjargl
Aditjargl Law Party Independent Dictatorship Aditjargl
Aditjargl Partners Independent Corporate Aditjargl
Aditjari Brothers Independent Anarchy Aditjari
Aditjari Constitution Party Independent Dictatorship
Aditjari Freedom Party Empire Dictatorship Aditjari
Aditjari Jet Travel Exchange Independent Corporate
Adityan Commodities Independent Corporate Adityan
Adityan Company Independent Corporate Adityan
Adityan Regulatory State Independent Dictatorship Adityan
Adiva Crimson Society Independent Anarchy Adiva
Adiva Netcoms Commodities Federation Corporate Adiva
Adivarakhe Central Partners Independent Corporate Adivarakhe
Adivarakhe Coalition Federation Confederacy Adivarakhe
Adivarakhe Law Party Independent Dictatorship Adivarakhe
Adivarakhe Purple Netcoms Sysy Independent Corporate Adivarakhe
Adivarakhe Purple Rats Independent Anarchy Adivarakhe
Adivas Alliance League Alliance Patronage Adivas
Adivas Silver Legal Limited Independent Corporate Adivas
Adiyan Crimson Raiders Independent Anarchy
Adiyan Transport Limited Empire Corporate Adiyan
Adju Blue Crew Independent Anarchy Adju
Adju Free Independent Democracy Adju
Adju Services Independent Corporate Adju
Adjudicators of Ross 332 Independent Democracy
Adjukru Silver Brotherhood Independent Anarchy Adjukru
Adle's Armada Federation Corporate Eravate
ADLG Independent Democracy Largarayu
Adlirvantan Society Independent Anarchy Adlirvantan