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Esra Taf [0PM-DW]
(Beluga Liner)
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Oct 17, 2015
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1,366,024,086 Cr
DW2 Day 99

Today was just flying to the Seldowitch Nebula. The nearby Thuecheae WR-H d11-54 system gave a nice view of the nebula from the moon of a ringed landable planet with a second moon (also landable) on the horizon.

Seldowitch Nebula

DW2 Day 98

Didn't travel at all today. In fact I started up Star Citizen for the first time in a couple of years. Barely got my Mustang off the pad because all the controls were inverted. I put a little distance between me and Port Olisar then settled down to figuring out the controls. While I was doing that I was blown up by some pillock. I guess I was targeted because I was stationary and that was the only sort of target they could hit. I sure hope Star Citizen gets a single-player mode.

Anyway, when I logged on to Elite, there were several people hanging around WP11.

Meetup at WP11

At one point I had to log off. When I returned, a number of Anacondas and a Cutter arrived and started 'booping' landed ships.

Booping at WP11

While waiting for 19:00 I launched Cmdr Phantomwheelspinner and their SRV up to about 2km, then tried to throttle up and things turned weird and they disappeared, eventually falling to the ground and exploding.

SRV on Beluga 2km up

By 19:00 the instance had dwindled to just a few commanders. I organised an impromptu mini-jump with the few commanders left and we jumped to Smootoae QY-S d3-202.

On arrival there seemed to be more commanders than jumped, so no doubt some commanders from the offical mass-jump instances. Apparently, there were some griefers in the Fleetcom PG! I just logged out. I'll start the trek to Beagle Point tomorrow.

DW2 Day 97

Pretty much the entire day was spent prospecting.


The end result, though, was maxing everything out. The last was Zirconium.

I ended the day by returning to the WP11 meetup site, where I found several other commanders.

WP11 Meetup

Probably won't do much tomorrow, just shoot the breeze and wait for the route map to Beagle Point.

DW2 Days 95-96

Both these days I spent prospecting and topping up my materials.


It's really nice to get out in the SRV for a bit after all the travelling.

Drooteou RA-U d4-109 8 a a in particular is both a good place for a view of its nearby landable parent moon, but also a good place to find Polonium, as it is volcanically active.

Polonium and a view

DW2 Days 93-94

It took both these days to fly the 60 jumps to Shadow Earth.

Shadow Earth

From there it was only 2 jumps to the WP11 meetup system, Luna's Shadow on 3 a at -68.4811/64.2183.

WP11 Meetup Site

I think this is the earliest I've been to arrive at a meetup site so far on this expedition.

I've now got the opportunity to fill some of my material bins, or enter some EDSM distances to locate some old Flight Log entries, or fly my alt account, or ... !!! It's the Easter weekend too. A bit more free time than usual...

DW2 Day 92

Tonight I flew to Hula Hoop where the class IV gas giant body 1 is only 30Ls from the entry star.

Hula Hoop

This ring system is notable for how narrow it is: 6,030km. It's also quite a dusty ring and is very good for a photo opportunity:

Inside Hula Hoop ring

I was now 78 jumps and 3,700Ly from the next POI, Shadow Earth. I called it a night with 60 jumps still to go.

DW2 Days 89-91

Day 89 I didn't fly at all - I went to the pub instead!

Day 90 I logged on and any decision regarding driving my SRV into the crater had been made for me - it was pitch black, and driving the SRV in the dark is no fun at all.

I took off and turned towards Aristo. I landed at the notional 'rest stop' on the surface on ABC 6 (-48.126/128.380), but there was nobody there.


Most of day 91 was spent flying to Kalipheron and the 'rest stop' at Geological 12 on 3 a. The site is Ammonia Ice Geysers. The needle crystals have Antimony, which I'm a little low on, so that was good.


After a meal break, I logged back on and found Cmdr Junagu had arrived.

Python with sexy Crypsis paint

We talked and drove our SRVs around for a while, then he had to go AFK and I decided to leave for the Misty Mountains of Byeia Free. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any sign of a mist. The view of the gas giant and rings is still spectacular!

Misty Mountains of Byeia Free

DW2 Day 88

I left the Phoenix Nebula behind and headed for Poseidon's Fury.

Phoenix Nebula

58 jumps later, I arrived.

Poseidon's Fury

As described in the EDSM entry, the rings of planet B 10 are quite impressive.

I'd love to be able to drive the SRV down into the crater, but it's too late tonight (tired), and in any case I really have to fly on to keep up with the fleet.

DW2 Day 87

About 800Ly from the Phoenix Nebula I felt sure there was a face looking back at me!

Man In The Nebula

A few more jumps and I arrived.

Phoenix Nebula

Not a lot to look at here.

DW2 Day 86

I got more than half-way towards the Phoenix Nebula tonight. Early on I noticed I was flying towards a nebula and thought I'd be flying past it. It turns out that it is my intended destination, visible from more than 4000Ly away.

It's not worth a photo, being just a small red blob.