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Esra Taf [0PM-DW]
(Beluga Liner)
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Oct 17, 2015
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1,366,024,086 Cr
Blue In The Black

Blue In The Black is the name given to the system Footie AA-A g0.

On the left are two class-B stars, on the right are two class-O stars, seen from about 140Ls. The entry star is the bottom right.

Footie AA-A g0

There are also two Herbig-Ae/Be stars in the system, 15,000 and 210,000 Ls respectively from the entry star.


I'm in a sparse part of the galaxy, and it seems that every jump for the last two days has needed to be a boosted jump.

So when I noticed that Footia NX-K d8-0 was a "green" (has all the jump boost materials) system, I decided to take the opportunity to top up my stocks.

I started on 5 c a since it had Polonium (notoriously difficult to find) and volcanism (which makes materials much easier to find).

Footia NX-K d8-0 5 c a

Rimor Captionem

It's been a few weeks and I've made my way across the "north west" of the galaxy to Rimor Captionem.

Nothing particularly special here, just a system with a black hole that a commander got stuck in one time.

Rimor Captionem

It does make for a different view of the galaxy, though.

The next POI is going to be Blue In The Black, which will bring me back into the Scutum-Centaurus Arm and I will be able to easily make my way further south-west.

Final Abyssinial Hidden Paradise Systems

In Cliewoae DS-H d11-0 I found some Rubellem Aster Pods and Rubellum Aster Trees.

Rubellum Aster Tree

Put one next to the Beluga and you realise how big they are!

To get to Cliewoae UF-L d9-0 I had to do probably my biggest ever jump in my Beluga: 102.34Ly. In that system I found a Notable Stellar Phenomena at a Lagrange Point of a landable Rocky Moon orbiting the Earth-Like World in the system.

Notable Stellar Phenomena

There were Prasinum Aster Trees and Pods.

The last system was Cliewoae VA-L d9-0. One of the NSPs had Flavum Silicate Crystals, Albidum Ice Crystals and Lindigoticum Aster Pods. The other had Purpureum and Rubeum Ice Crystals and more Lindigoticum Aster Pods.

That completes my tour of the Abyssinial Hidden Paradise. Just about every jump for the last three days has been a boosted jump. I'm going to be spending some time topping up my materials once I get back to more dense stars in The Galactic Aphelion.

Exploring the Abyssinial Hidden Paradise

First stop tonight was the Pyrooe Dryiae ZQ-C d0 system.

There were three Notable Stellar Phenomena POIs in the rings of a gas giant. In the first I found some Puniceum Aster Pods:

Puniceum Aster Pods

Flavum Ice Crystals, Prasinum Silicate Crystals and more Puniceum Aster Pods were in the second POI:

Flavum Ice Crystals

Lindigoticum Ice Crystals, Roseum Silicate Crystals and more Puniceum Aster Pods were in the third POI:

Lindigoticum Ice Crystals

Abyssinial Hidden Paradise

I had decided a few days ago to visit the Abyssinial Hidden Paradise. It took a great many boosted jumps to get to the Pyrooe Dryiae BC-B d1-0 system. In it was one of the promised Earth-Like Worlds, but also some Notable Stellar Phenomena! In this case, Cereum Aster Trees:

Cereum Aster Trees

And Rubeum Silicate Crystals:

Rubeum Silicate Crystals

The second NSP had more Cereum Aster Trees, plus some Rubeum Ice Crystals, which cooled my ship like the ice cloud after exploding an ice asteroid core.

Rubeum Ice Crystals


I re-visited Podar before I headed out across The Abyss.


In the Streau Eop UG-S d5-2 system I found a pair of Water Worlds: 8 and 8 a.

Pair of Water Worlds

DWE2 The Voyage Home Begins

Days 111-125 saw me just sitting around Beagle Point, with some limited exploration. I did a little surface prospecting to top up my jumponium materials, but mostly I actually recovered from all the travelling just to get to Beagle Point by sorting through my old screenshots and creating Logbook entries for them.

In particular, I've created entries for my Crab Nebula Expedition, and Small World Expeditions 2 and 3. I also covered some of my trips to the Pleiades and various Thargoid sites. I reckon I've added close to 100 entries!

I consider my final Distant Worlds 2 day to be Day 109, the day I arrived at Beagle Point. This day, Day 125, is when I turned my ship away from Beagle Point and slowly started back towards the bubble.

Leaving Legacy Crater

The initial plan is to visit Podar, before going to Colonia via Sphiesi HX-L d7-0 (Erikson's Star).

While Distant Worlds 2 has overall been quite enjoyable, with a lot of extra interesting POIs to visit, it has felt like a pale shadow of the original Distant Worlds Expedition.

I think the main reason has been the lack of socialisation opportunities. I didn't help things by falling behind at several points, but when this latest expedition had only 11 scheduled meetups, compared to 24 in the first, there were simply far fewer opportunities for meeting people.

On review, it turns out my decision to do the Quantum World circumnavigation back on DWE2 Days 20-27, put me a week behind that I never caught up until reaching Explorer's Anchorage on Day 56. Perhaps less sightseeing would have allowed for more socialising, but I think not doing the circumnavigation would have allowed for sightseeing and socialising. In summary:

  • WP1 - On time
  • WP2 - On time
  • circumnavigation in here
  • WP3 - 7 days late
  • WP4 - 4 days late
  • WP5 - 6 days late
  • WP6 - 7 days late
  • WP7 - On time, but forgot to attend
  • WP8 - 1 day late to lower alternate, 2 days late to higher proper WP
  • WP9 - 3 days late
  • WP10 - On time
  • WP11 - On time
  • WP12 - No schedule
DW2 Day 110

I logged off last night the opposite side of the crater of the meetup point. When I logged on, I deployed the SRV, dismissed the ship, and drove to the meetup point. Nobody there.

I recalled the ship, and popped over to visit the nearby Tourist Beacon, then decided now was a good time to re-visit the Semotus Beacon.

On arrival in the system I flew to the outermost body, B 9 f, for a photo looking back at the galaxy, just like last time.

Semotus Beacon

Shortly after arriving, I noticed a system chat message from Cmdr Robyobson wondering if anyone was in the system. Turns out they were heading off in supercruise to get even further away. I don't know how long they'll be.

DW2 Day 109

So finally I've made it all the way out to Beagle Point - again! The meetup site is at -16.001/169.212 on body 2 "Legacy Crater". It's quite misty.

Legacy Crater

This is my second visit after my first visit as part of the first Distant Worlds expedition.

I was out here in the general area a bit over a year ago on my own pilgrimage to the Semotus Beacon, but didn't actually get to this system that time.

The first time I flew an Asp Explorer (unengineered, of course). The second time was in an engineered Anaconda. This time it is an engineered Beluga. I have to say, the Beluga has been an excellent exploration ship. I really did not like the "oil tanker" view from the Anaconda. The view from the bridge of the Beluga is magnificent!

Courtesy of Elite:Dangerous Astrometrics, I've made a video animation of my travels: YouTube / gfycat.

Travel Animation