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Nom du commandant :
Vaisseau actuel :
Esra Taf [0PM-DW]
(Beluga Liner)
Membre depuis le :
17 oct. 2015
Distances envoyées :
10 454
Systèmes visités :
28 445
Systèmes découverts en premier :
14 605
Solde :
1 366 024 086 Cr
DW2 Days 93-94

It took both these days to fly the 60 jumps to Shadow Earth.

Shadow Earth

From there it was only 2 jumps to the WP11 meetup system, Luna's Shadow on 3 a at -68.4811/64.2183.

WP11 Meetup Site

I think this is the earliest I've been to arrive at a meetup site so far on this expedition.

I've now got the opportunity to fill some of my material bins, or enter some EDSM distances to locate some old Flight Log entries, or fly my alt account, or ... !!! It's the Easter weekend too. A bit more free time than usual...

DW2 Day 92

Tonight I flew to Hula Hoop where the class IV gas giant body 1 is only 30Ls from the entry star.

Hula Hoop

This ring system is notable for how narrow it is: 6,030km. It's also quite a dusty ring and is very good for a photo opportunity:

Inside Hula Hoop ring

I was now 78 jumps and 3,700Ly from the next POI, Shadow Earth. I called it a night with 60 jumps still to go.

DW2 Days 89-91

Day 89 I didn't fly at all - I went to the pub instead!

Day 90 I logged on and any decision regarding driving my SRV into the crater had been made for me - it was pitch black, and driving the SRV in the dark is no fun at all.

I took off and turned towards Aristo. I landed at the notional 'rest stop' on the surface on ABC 6 (-48.126/128.380), but there was nobody there.


Most of day 91 was spent flying to Kalipheron and the 'rest stop' at Geological 12 on 3 a. The site is Ammonia Ice Geysers. The needle crystals have Antimony, which I'm a little low on, so that was good.


After a meal break, I logged back on and found Cmdr Junagu had arrived.

Python with sexy Crypsis paint

We talked and drove our SRVs around for a while, then he had to go AFK and I decided to leave for the Misty Mountains of Byeia Free. Sadly, there doesn't appear to be any sign of a mist. The view of the gas giant and rings is still spectacular!

Misty Mountains of Byeia Free

DW2 Day 88

I left the Phoenix Nebula behind and headed for Poseidon's Fury.

Phoenix Nebula

58 jumps later, I arrived.

Poseidon's Fury

As described in the EDSM entry, the rings of planet B 10 are quite impressive.

I'd love to be able to drive the SRV down into the crater, but it's too late tonight (tired), and in any case I really have to fly on to keep up with the fleet.

DW2 Day 87

About 800Ly from the Phoenix Nebula I felt sure there was a face looking back at me!

Man In The Nebula

A few more jumps and I arrived.

Phoenix Nebula

Not a lot to look at here.

DW2 Day 86

I got more than half-way towards the Phoenix Nebula tonight. Early on I noticed I was flying towards a nebula and thought I'd be flying past it. It turns out that it is my intended destination, visible from more than 4000Ly away.

It's not worth a photo, being just a small red blob.

DW2 Day 85

I logged on, as expected, to a deserted meetup site. I took the time to take a few extra photos. The parent body 2 d was low on the horizon.

WP10 Meetup Site

The Morphenniel Nebula was huge overhead - I needed a portrait orientation to fit it in.

Morphenniel Nebula

The nearby Bark Mounds had been stripped of any materials. All that was left to do was plan the next stage of my journey. It's a big two weeks of travelling to the next waypoint. I'll be heading to the Phoenix Nebula first, then Poseidon's Fury, and then Aristo. That should keep me occupied for the next few days.

DW2 Day 84

First stop was the Magnus Nebula. This nebula snuck up on me - I was expecting something smaller and when I was still a couple of jumps away I didn't realise I was already in it! The best place to get a picture of it is at least 50Ly away. The picture below is at about 100Ly.

Magnus Nebula

The next POI was Infinite Bonds, a pair of co-orbiting Earth-Like worlds.

Infinite Bonds

The next challenge was to get to Neighbouring Necklaces. The permit restricted sectors Bleia3 and Bleia5 were blocking the direct path, so I started off finding a point 'south' of them (towards the galactic core) as an in-between point to aim for, then a second, before the route plotter would find a path. I got there eventually.

Neighbouring Necklaces

I was a bit careless landing and knocked over 50% off my shields - that's what they're there for!

Second last POI before WP10 was the Eos Nebula. Somewhere on the way I passed 1,000,000Ly travelled in the game.

Eos Nebula

In that system I found a Luteolum Lagrange Storm Cloud with Solid Mineral Spheres and Rubeum Metallic Crystals.

Eos Nebula Lagrange Storm Cloud

It's been a few days since my last untagged ELW, but I found one! This one was co-orbiting with a High Metal Content world.


I finally arrived at WP10, the Morphenniel Nebula, and I finally found some other Cmdrs to talk to!

Meetup at WP10

I don't think I've seen anyone since WP3. I also got my first customer for a hull repair limpet. Congratulations to Cmdr Green Arkleseizure for being my first (and hopefully happy) customer.

DW2 Days 82-83

Day 82 was a very short play session, just a few jumps really.

Day 83 I arrived at The Briar Patch Nebula. It's just a single neutron star, so not too exciting for a photo, so I poked around nearby system for something better. I eventually ended up at some Suplhur Dioxide Fumaroles at Geological 3 on Hypuae Briae CQ-X d1-1263 A 2.

Briar Patch Nebula

Next stop was The Zinnia Haze.

The Zinnia Haze

Last thing for the evening was the leg out to the Hydrangea Nebula.

Hydrangea Nebula

It's one of the pretty red/green nebulas.

DW2 Day 81

Well, I managed to stuff up my visit to the Biological POI on the 10.66G Phroi Bluae IR-W f1-1530 AB 1.

I first landed, carefully of course, with just a small boop that dropped my shields to 87%.

Landed 10.65G

I used the camera to look around, and grabbed a photo of the glowing Prasinum Bioluminescent Anemones.

Prasinum Bioluminescent Anemones

And then I left. As soon as I hit supercruise I realised my stuff-up - I'd forgotten to scan the site! So I simply had to turn around and do it all again. This time I landed without dropping the shields even 1%.

I stopped for the night at Undine Haven, a neutron star system where one of the stars has six Water Worlds and an HMC all terraformable!

High-G Techniques

High-gravity worlds can be scary if you're not sure how to fly there. Any ship can land on a high-G world. All thrusters are magically capable of handling any G. My Beluga is configured with the usual explorer technique of using the smallest D-class thrusters that will fit, 6D in my case.


The landing technique is simple, but do a trial run on a low-G world first! Configure a button for Flight Assist in Hold mode NOT Toggle. Do the usual supercruise and glide in. Don't glide too steep or you might take too long to level out. About 20° down is good. As soon as the glide ends, pull up, level out, zero the throttle, and deploy landing gear. From now on, keep your ship level at all times. Turn by yawing only, don't roll or pitch up or down.

Land by tapping the Flight Assist button. Keep the taps as short as possible. Each tap will increase your vertical speed down. Try to keep it to 10-20 to start, slowing down as you get closer to the surface. Eventually you'll reach the altitude where the radar indicates a good landing spot. Use the throttle to go backwards and forwards and yaw to turn to find a spot. Stay level! When you've found a spot, tap Flight Assist until you land.


Taking off is a bit more simple. Just use the vertical thrust up control. You will continue hold the thrust up full up until just before you activate supercruise. If the gravity is high it might take a while to actually lift off - you will get there eventually. Once you're clear of the surface, go full forward throttle while keeping vertical up thrust full on. Stay level! Once you reach maximum velocity, pull the ship up to vertical 80-90° then release the vertical up thrust. On a high-G world your ship will slow right down, maybe even start going backwards! Don't panic - stay vertical, hit boost if you like. Your ship will start going fowards and up again. Wait until you reach maximum velocity, by which time you will have left mass lock and then supercruise away.