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Oooh Shiny [133SW2]
(Diamondback Explorer)
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14 458
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37 201
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18 608
1 007 377 895 Cr
AFK Bounty Hunting

I recently watched a YouTube describing AFK bounty hunting, so I decided to give it a go. First step was to make a fully engineered T10:


Next was to hire a crew member and have them fly a SLF:


I all works quite well. I can set up my main account like this, while I play my alt account way out in the black. After a full set of 20 bounty hunting missions, I earn plenty of credits (more than enough to fund my fleet carrier) and I always pick the mission rewards that have materials.

Actually, to begin with I was very much NOT AFK, as I could see all sorts of useful debris being dropped by the ships I was exploding. I reconfigured my T10 to add collector limpets, and after a few more outings many of my material bins were full. That required flying the ship to get in range of the materials, so not AFK.

Now I need to visit the materials traders to make room for more.

Planetary Collision Near The Bubble

Over the weekend I'd heard that there was going to be a planetary collision of two moons close to the "Bubble" - only ~700Ly away.

So leaving it rather late I set out in my fleet carrier. After two jumps I arrived in Synuefe ZL-O b51-0 and was a bit surprised to see no fleet carriers.

I checked the system name and found that I'd got it wrong! It should have been Synuefai ZL-O b51-0! It was in almost the opposite direction.

After another three jumps I arrived much later than I intended and the collision was already well underway.

Synuefai ZL-O b51-0 2 a & b

I flew down to moon "a" and first landed a long way in front of the collision.

Landed on 'a'

I then decided to try landing much closer to where the moons were merging. On my first attempt I dropped out of the glide and approached the surface - the altimeter still read over 3km even though the ground looked right beneath me. I pushed lower and went straight through the surface! I kept going until the altimeter read 0, but the game just stopped me at an invisible barrier.

I flew back up through the surface and super-cruised further away until I was able to land on the surface. After a few minutes the motion of moon "b" became much more obvious.


A few minutes later I grabbed this, just a few seconds before the surface of moon "b" swept over my ship.

Almost there

High-Radius Landables

I'd decided to take a trip out into the black looking for high-radius landable worlds to drive on.

This one is Pru Euq NT-Z d13-22 1.

Pru Euq NT-Z d13-22 1

It is sadly a "rocky ice world". The ice makes it tricky to drive on, especially when high-radius dictates it will also be a high-grav world. In this case, 3.6G. Even a slight slope can be unclimbable in the SRV, making driving a risky proposition in case you get stuck down what might look like a shallow valley.


I arrived at the final ATEG waypoint, WP15, a few days ago. I had planned to join a meetup, but timezone differences meant I missed it.

I decided to go to the meetup location anyway. It was on Thaikeau MC-C d18 ABC 4 e at a 6km high mountain located at 47.99/44.63.

WP15 Mountain

I was a good drive up, taking about 15-20 minutes. I also found three samples of the final biological species I had been struggling to find elsewhere on the planet.

The view from the top was nice and included the 'parent' gas giant.

Mountain peak

Tomorrow night I will start my return trip to the 'Bubble'.


On arrival at WP9 I discovered that my carrier was in close orbit around the entry star (Dehue WV-M d7-27 A - a class A blue-white star) - well within fuel scooping range!

Fuel scooping?

It is in close binary orbit with Dehue WV-M d7-27 B - a class G white-yellow star. That pair in turn are in orbit with a second pair of class A and G stars ("C" and "D"). There are a couple of class Y brown dwarves in the system too.

One of those had a moon of a moon of a planet that had not been mapped in EDSM (Dehue WV-M d7-27 ABCD 3 d a). I have a personal policy of filling in data gaps identified by the Canonn EDSM plugin. When I got close to the moon I found that it had large areas of deep canyons, in this case spanning a crater.

Canyons in a crater

Of course, I had to get out in the SRV and go for a bit of a drive!

Driving the canyons

ATEG WP7 - Ringed ELW

On leaving the GGG I made for WP7. On entry to the system I found about five other carriers in orbit around a ringed Earth-Like World (Ploadao OI-T d3-21 5), so I decided to join them!

Ringed ELW

Goodbye to the GGG

Some IRL travel forced me to spend a little extra time in game at the GGG, but today was the day to move on. I popped over to the inner-most moon of the GGG and grabbed a photo before I left.


It's a long way back to the Bubble...

ATEG - The Green Gas Giant Has Been Found!

Last night I moved my fleet carrier to Shaulai DA-A d83 in preparation to continue the search for Kelly Eldridge's lost Green Gas Giant. That system was one of the systems Kelly Eldridge was known to have visited, and close to the area judged most likely for the GGG to be found.

In the time since I logged off last night, Cmdr Orange! found the Lost GGG - Shaulai DL-P d5-274 7! It was only 480Ly away - just one jump for my fleet carrier.

Lost Green Gas Giant

I've also realized that I had mixed up my units for my tritium reserves for the flight home - it wasn't nearly 2,000Ly, it was nearly 2,000t. That makes a big difference - it's nearly 10,000Ly of range. Although now I won't need it.

ATEG - The Blue Nebula Has Been Found

Some keen commanders have found Kelly Eldridge's blue supernova remnant gas cloud - it is almost certainly Splohoa BL-P e5-814. It's a blue planetary nebula and has been confirmed that it was First Discovered by Kelly Eldridge. It's a further 14,000Ly from the Blue Lantern!

The bottom line now is that the location of the GGG has been 'narrowed down' to a 18,000Ly stretch of the Perseus Arm.

ATEG - Beyond Hyponia

I've now flown Cosmic Forge to the "Blue Lantern", Shaulue GA-A e20. According to my calculations I will end up with less than 2,000Ly worth of fuel by the time I get back to the bubble. This will be as far as I will take my carrier.

Blue Lantern Nebula

I've been reading a copy of forum postings from Kelly Eldridge that I found on the ATEG Discord:

Posted May 23, 2015 01:53

  • Continuing on my adventure along the Perseus Arm, I'm mostly finding just rocks. But there are still some surprises out there.
  • Aliens! Well, sort of. A gas giant with water based life. They may just be microbes, but still.... aliens!
  • The rare and very valuable Earth-like world. So far I've discovered 23 of them. I'm kinda hoping eventually I'll find one of these with city lights on the surface.
  • A supernova remnant gas cloud. It's very... blue.
  • This has to be the strangest gas giant I've seen so far.
  • This last one is a bit hard to see clearly, but here's the gravitational lensing around a Neutron star.

Posted May 23, 2015 08:52

  • Found another 'Permit required' region - Hyponia sector, approximately 550Ly across.

Based on comments in her later postings, I estimated Kelly's daily travel distance to be about 6,000Ly. She found Hypnoia, the "strangest gas giant", and a blue supernova remnant on the same day - so within 6,000Ly 'north' of Hyponia. Shaulue GA-A e20 is ~4,000Ly 'north' of Hyponia, so well within the expected distance and not too far from her known visited systems.

I've managed to convince myself that the Green Gas Giant we're looking for is somewhere between Shaulue GA-A e20 and the last system Kelly is known to have visited before Hyponia: Hypo Fruia DA-A d679.

There are two other systems Kelly is known to have visited: Muenaa TD-K d8-63 and Hypo Fruia UJ-I d9-316. I'm planning to fly economical routes filtering for unvisited systems between these known points and see what I can find.