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Oct 21, 2017
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1,215,742,763 Cr
Passage to Andromeda - Day #19

A fairly quiet day today. I did a few jumps toward my next waypoint and at one point found myself in the G2 Dust Cloud Sector JH-V c2-2851

I'm now turned firmly toward Beagle Point and heading for my next waypoint, Greeroi MT-O d7-3. Let's see what we find along the way......

Inside the G2 Dust Cloud

Passage to Andromeda Day #18

After leaving the safety of Explorer's Anchorage I headed back out into the black, firstly stopping by Sagittarius A*, just to say that I've visited it twice now. Now it's time to turn north and head for the next waypoint, Greeroi MT-O d7-3. I've not looked to see what systems of interest are in between as of yet so will just fly a random route and see what I discover along the way.

Arrival at Explorer's Anchorage

Stopping by Sagittarius A*

Passage to Andromeda - Day #17

On the way to Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 I decided to take a detour to see if I could find a rare Notable Stellar Phenomena inside the Hengist Nebula. As I entered the system I found myself 155k ls from the target and set out on my long journey there. Coming out of supercruise I was presented with a vivid red cloud with some sort of objects floating inside which turned out to be Metallic Crystals. A rather nice surprise was the award of a 50k bonus for the Codex discovery. I flew around for a while examining the crystal structures but didn't see any of the kind of electrical activity that I had expected. I decided to cut my losses and head back toward Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 and Explorer's Anchorage to finish this leg of my journey.

Fillin' up inside a neutron star

Inside the Notable Stellar Phenomena

Passage to Andromeda - Day #16

No exploration today

Passage to Andromeda - Day #15

No exploration today

Passage to Andromeda - Day #14

Time to carry on in my nice clean shiny ship. So now I am on course for Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 and in particular, aiming to dock at Explorer's Anchorage, a station that was commissioned and built during the Distant Worlds 2 expedition. It has been designated as Waypoint #4 for Passage to Andromeda.

I am using a mix of normal fuel stars and neutron stars to travel at the moment. So far on this expedition I haven't been using the Neutron Highway for the most part, however since leaving Colonia I have travelled almost exclusively using Neutron Stars. I do have a love/hate relationship with them..... they allow for quick transfer across the vast empty vacuum of space but at the same I get FOMO! I feel as though I am missing things, those little systems in between that may just harbour an undiscovered gem. So I try to mix it up a little, do some large jumps, stop, repair my drive and then some conventional jumps. It stops things getting boring.

I finished today by landing on the first planet in the Myriesly HN-I c23-3141 system which had a rather spectacular view of the Storms of Fenrisulfur Nebula(Myriesly CL-P e5-7383) a couple of light years away.

Using Neutron Star Boosts

Neutron Star and Star in close proximity

On the surface of Myriesly HN-I c23-3141 1

Passage to Andromeda - Day #13

Today I took some time out of the cockpit. I've been working really hard recently and the constant jumps through Neutron Stars takes it's toll on the ship. It's always a good idea to just stop, take stock of things, make repairs and relax every now and then.

Just sat anchored in the middle of space was strange. The quietness of the ship was deafening at times. After a nice breakfast of Honey Nut Cornflakes I got going with the cleaning. The place was a bit of a mess and needed dusting. I worked hard all morning to get it clean and tidy while my bot companions spent several hours on the outside of the vessel, making repairs and servicing the engines.

After lunch there was time to do a little reading, studied the navigation system looking a the next few days. Recalibrated the life support systems and then finally I got chance to fire up my PC to play some games, today it was Pro Cycling Manager 2022 and some Portal 2. I did stop short at loading Elite Dangerous as that would just have been weird, right?

Just watchin' the game, havin' a Bud....

Passage to Andromeda - Day #12

Arriving at Colonia well ahead of any deadlines set for this waypoint. At the beginning of this expedition I decided to travel alone. Partly because I didn't want to have to worry about letting down other commanders if I wasn't able to make meetups etc and partly because I actually enjoy the freedom of solo travel. I can change my mind, change my route, take time out.... I can do whatever I want without having to think about other commanders. So getting to Colonia, it was actually nice to see and chat some of the other commanders who happened to be there at the same time I arrived.

I docked, offloaded my data (just over 100 million) that I'd collected just on the journey from Lave. I'm now just a shade over 100 million credits from my next Elite ranking so I would imagine that I will achieve this by the time I arrive back at Lave after the expedition has finished in a couple of months. After refuelling and restocking my heatsinks, I set course for the centre of the Universe and the next waypoint. Looking at the exploration map I can see there are plenty of sights to be seen along the way and so I plan on making some stops as I go.

Planet 4 1 Colonia System

Colonia Point

Passage to Andromeda - Day #11

Another day of navigating between nebulae. First I passed through The Hole In The Sky Nebula (Dryuae Aoscs IR-W e1-3926) with it's striking pink gas clouds set against the saturated starry background of the galactic core. It's a hypnotic sight and I am so glad I have taken the time on this trip to visit these beautiful remnants of once massive stars. Every one is different and beautiful in their own right. Looking at my Travel Map it's clear to see I am not taking a straight route to Colonia and jumping around a lot as I find these Nebulae. It's all good. I am still collecting exploration data as I close on on my Elite II ranking for exploration and by the end of this expedition I should have achieved that goal.

Second to last Nebula before arriving at Colonia was The Blue Louse (Dryio Flyuae HC-U e3-8680). Visible from several hundred light years away, this appears to be a huge nebula made up of two large blue gas clouds that combine in the middle.

Finally for today I passed through The Sugar Stick Nebula (Dryooe Flyou XE-Q e5-2992) before heading to Colonia

Hole In The Sky

The Blue Louse

The Sugar Stick Nebula

The Colonia Nebula

Passage to Andromeda - Day #10

Today it was all about the nebulae. Starting out at the Cat's Perch Nebula (Eulail IG-M c8-9) high above the galactic plane I headed straight for the The Dragonfly Nebula (Eoch Flyuae UU-O e6-2971) while making a steady progress toward Colonia. The view from up there was pretty spectacular with the billions of systems laid out before me while I skipped over the vacuum of space between my waypoint systems.

I have found that as I approach a nebula, it's nice to head toward the nearest system that actually sits outside of it. This way I get to enjoy the emerging beauty of the nebula before passing through it. As I came out of my jump into The Dragonfly Nebula (Eoch Flyuae UU-O e6-2971) I found myself hurtling toward a fast spinning neutron star and narrowly avoided hitting the exclusion zone. I did find a water world here too which was worth scanning before moving on.

Cat's Perch Nebula

Cat's Perch Nebula

The Dragonfly Nebula

Inside the Dragonfly Nebula