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Oct 21, 2017
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1,215,742,763 Cr
Passage to Andromeda - Day#60

No jumps today

Passage to Andromeda - Day#59

No jumps today

Passage to Andromeda - Day#58

Not much to report. I did fly through this wonderful systen though. Mene Tekel (Hypua Priae BA-A g0)

Mene Tekel

Passage to Andromeda - Day#57

Having made it to waypoint 11 late yesterday, I decided not to hang around. To be honest there wasn't much to see in that system apart from the beautiful background glow of the nebula.

So it's onwards and upwards. I am now less than 30k LY away from the destination and a week ahead of the main expeditionary force. Looking at what's ahead for the next leg, there isn't much to be honest..... well nothing that's been discovered yet anyway. So I will take my time, explore a little and see what I can find out here in the black. First system I will head toward is Hypua Priae BA-A g0 which is a system containing a black hole and three neutron stars..... should be a pretty wild ride pushing into that one!

Odysseus's Rest

Passage to Andromeda - Day#56

I set sail from Bendurion's Present and headed toward the next waypoint. As I cleared the nebula I turned my ship around for one last look and was greeted with a stunning view of the blue and pink emissions from the core. Time to carry on my journey and speed toward Rusalka's Trilemma (Scaulae ZL-C d13-11) which was a few jumps away. A system of many ringed planets and many water based ones too. Unusual to say the least.

Strange goings on

Rusalka's Trilemma

Passage to Andromeda - Day#55

After a few hours of flight through not very much, I arrived at Bendurion's Present (Eolls Graae PG-E b15-4). The system sits inside a large and rather pretty Nebula containing many hundreds of systems. I decided to try and find the famed high pressure carbon dioxide geysers on the AB1B planet but after searching various geological signals for a while I failed to find them. I decided to land anyway and leave my craft on the ground for the night.

Low level over AB1B

Strange goings on

Passage to Andromeda - Day#54

No jumps today

Passage to Andromeda - Day#53

Almost half way between the two waypoints is Aiphaisty YE-A d130 in which was found to be an anomaly, Q07. I flew into the system and targeted both areas of 'Notable Interest' but couldn't find the anomaly anywhere. I followed the orbit of B1 around as I believed it to be sitting at one of the Legrange points however try as I may, I couldn't find it anywhere. After some considerable time I decided to call it a day and fly off to the next point on my adventure.....

Strange goings on

Passage to Andromeda - Day#52

Now I'm making my way toward waypoint#11 currently crossing the Orio-Persean Conflux. It's quiet here, I mean there is nothing! No landmarks, points of interest, nothing worth detouring to go and explore. It's dark and empty out here. At times it's enough to spiral you down into raving insanity knowing that there is nobody out there, no help, no humanity, no hope..... just the dark, cold, empty recesses of space and yet there is true beauty here too. Stars & nebulae emitting stunning colours, gas clouds twisting and distorting the firmament. I've not seen another commander in almost two months but I'm comfortable with that, I enjoy my own company; I like exploring by myself; being an explorer is a solitary life and not for everyone. It's a hard way to earn a living in this Universe, but it's the only way I want it.....

Shadow on the Sun

Passage to Andromeda - Day#51

Today I hit waypoint #10, Trignai Blend (Trignai MT-Q e5-28). I realise that I am a week or so in front of the main body of the expedition however I am not particularly rushing and with only 45k LY left of this expedition, I am not entirely sure what I will do at the end of it. I may take a week out and wait at the final waypoint for the rest of the commanders to catch up so I can celebrate with them all or the alternative is to turn tail and head back toward Deciat so I can offload my hard earned exploration data, which by then will be close to at least 350k worth I would estimate. I certainly don't want to risk losing it by doing something stupid and with almost 33% of the commanders who started this expedition killed, the risks are great. However there is a big part of me that isn't quite sure what I want to do next. I like being out here, I like the solitude of The Black and the excitement of exploration. Maybe I will head in the opposite direction once I get back to Deciat and explore the SE portion of this Galaxy, maybe spend time fully mapping unexplored systems. The possibilities are endless right now. Crossing large portions of space has become second nature to me at the moment after travelling over 125k LY in fifty days. Who knows what the future holds.....

Trignai Blend