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Oct 21, 2017
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1,215,742,763 Cr
Passage to Andromeda - Day #41

Another quiet day making my way across the black. Nothing to report

Tale of two suns

Passage to Andromeda - Day #40

Finally back on track and heading toward the next waypoint, The Thueche Brahe Nebula (Thueche LS-A d1-54). It was pretty hard work finding my way back across The Abyss and you will see from my Travel Map that it wasn't a straight forward route. Anyway I am just 150 jumps from my target and hope to make that in the next day or two.

Tale of two suns

Passage to Andromeda - Day #39

Ugh..... what a day! I've been making my way from Beagle Point toward the next waypoint however it's been a real slog. I've lost count of the number of jumps I've done, the number of U-Turns I've had to do, the dead ends and the 'Route Plotting Failed' messages I have seen on the Galaxy Map. It's been so much hard work. Even with my engineered jump range and Jumponium materials aboard, I have been finding it difficult finding a route across the black and I am only 5500ly from Beagle Point. I would have hoped to have made better progress than I have done. I'm just into my last 10 jumps and then I'm calling it a day. I think the reality is I am going to have to turn back in toward the main core before I can turn and head for the waypoint just to find a decent run of stars. By far the 'worst' day of the expedition so far.

Never straight forward!

Passage to Andromeda - Day #38

Last time I came out to Beagle Point I didn't bother to push on a little further to the very furthest reaches of this galaxy however, on this trip I had already decided that I should take the time to visit Semotus Beacon & Salomé's Reach (Oevasy SG-Y d0). It certainly wasn't a system that was going to test my ship as my jump range was more than enough for all but one of the legs taken to get out to this system and for that remaining one, a quick little 25% boost gave me more than enough range to cover the 82ly distance. Upon entering the system I immediately headed out to the most distant of planets (Oevasy SG-Y D0 B 9 F) which was well over 134000 ls away from the system entry point, took the obligatory 'distance to Sol' photograph and set upon landing on the surface. I decided to get some moody shots of my Anaconda landing which I was at it.

So now that's done it's onwards and upwards with the expedition. I am technically a waypoint ahead of the official expeditionary force who have only just passed Pru Bre PM-W e1-11. I want to continue with the pace I have set myself as I am sure I can keep this up while giving myself time to actually explore what's around.

Galaxy Map showing position

On the surface of Planet 9

A long lonely look toward home

Landing on 9

Landing on 9

Passage to Andromeda - Day #37

Today is all about Beagle Point. This is my second visit in the last couple of months and although I hadn't planned on coming back quite this soon it's enabled me to finally take my Skarab out on the surface of Beagle Point 9.

So now what. I obviously am continuing with the Passage to Andromeda expedition but I am way ahead of schedule so think I will take the time to make my way out to Oevasy SG-Y d0, the most distant point in the entire solar system (currently). I have enough materials aboard to ensure I can make the necessary jumps there and back so it would be a waste not to take the opportunity to visit this distant system.

Approaching Beagle Point

Landing on Beagle Point 9

Alone on Beagle Point 9

Out for a spin

Passage to Andromeda - Day #36

I now find myself grinding my way toward Beagle Point once again. The last time I was here I was using the neutron highway but found that although it offered a quick passage out to our most distant system, it was also mind numbingly boring and nerve-wracking at the same time with the constant risk of dropping out of Supercruise at the wrong point and having my entire being ripped apart and distributed across the galaxy as nothing more than a collection of Quarks, Gluons & Charms. So this time I have decided to make my way a little more slowly using traditional jumps for the most part. This way I lost the risk (or the majority of it) and get to see more of this beautiful galaxy and hopefully discover something new along the way.

The systems are starting to get pretty sparse out here though. The glow of the central core is now long behind me and ahead only a few pin-pricks of light, systems so spread apart that coming out here with anything less than a 50ly ship is going to cause problems. I'm lucky, my engineered Anaconda offers me a 71ly jump range and as I am carrying plenty of Jumponium materials I also have the ability to get myself out of any sticky situations I may find myself in. Let's not forget the famous rescue of our colleague CMDR Macedonica!!

Planet Skimming

Passage to Andromeda - Day #35

After continuing my journey to Beagle Point I came across a system known as The Walled Garden (Slaiyooe CB-X d1-5) containing several ringed Gas Giants. The last one in the system has two sets of rings with the outer ring so wide that the five moons that orbit it do so inside the outer ring system. Quite something to behold and as I approached it you could see all of the orbiting moons sitting inside those rings. I flew into the ring system and picked the nearest moon to the gas giant to land on. I wanted to see the rings up close and Planet 6A certainly offered that chance.

I spent some time exploring the surface, not finding anything of interest but enjoying the views that it offered. Finally I boarded my trusty Anaconda and left the surface, heading back into the black and onwards toward Beagle Point.... 130 jumps to go!

Approaching Slaiyooe CB-X d1-5 6

Exploring the surface

Leaving the surface

Passage to Andromeda - Day #34

A long grind today, just crossing that large expanse of space between me and Beagle Point. I remember the last time I was here it felt as though it took forever to reach that elusive spot in space. From the last waypoint we were looking at over 230 jumps and even after spending all this time jumping I am still about 140 away.

A huge Neutron Star

Passage to Andromeda - Day #33

No exploration today

Passage to Andromeda - Day #32

Finally made it to the Baade & Zwicky's Eye Nebula (Pru Bre PM-W e1-11) after a fairly quick crossing of 13500ly. Approaching the nebula I was greeted with a beautiful intense blue ball and upon entering it and avoiding the neutron star that met me, I took the time to take in the interior of this stunning nebula.

After checking the system map I realised that our Expedition Fleet Carrier, Endeavour, was also in the system and decided to pay her a visit, stock up and make repairs on my well travelled Anaconda.

Now it's onwards to Beagle Point. I've climbed vertically away from the nebula a thousand of so LY in an attempt to find some unexplored space and 'discover' as many new systems as possible between here and Beagle Point.

Out in the Blue

Escaping a neutron star

Aboard The Endeavour

Heading back into the Black