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Oct 21, 2017
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1,215,742,763 Cr
Passage to Andromeda - Day #9

Approaching The Arcadian Lights (Blue Eaewsy DB-W e2-565) is truly beautiful. The intensity of the blue ionised hydrogen gas cuts through the darkness of space and even here, approaching the galactic core, this nebula really stands out against the background glow of the saturated star field. Passing through the nebula I found myself lingering on the Free Camera, hypnotised by those blue and pink clouds. Utterly breath-taking.

From there I turned my ship onto a course to Kes-75 Magnetar (PSR J1846-0258). An interesting system with a huge pulsar at it's core. This pulsar is almost 15 times as big as our own Sol and more than enough to cause me serious problems should I wander into it's flaying cones. Interestingly this system also appears to contain a lesser neutron star and several other benign bodies.

Next a single jump into The Godefroy Nebula (Boeph MI-B e737). Another striking nebula consisting of pink and blue gas clouds. Believed to have been created by a supernova.

Arcadian Lights

Neutron Star

The Kes-75 Magnetar

Godefroy Nebula

Passage to Andromeda - Day #8

Quiet day behind the controls today with not much to report. I did visit Blue Ink in Pink (Blue Eaewsy CB-W e2-631), a rather beautiful nebula that has a huge black hole in the middle of it. I am now making a few more jumps and heading toward Arcadian Lights (Blue Eaewsy DB-W e2-565).

Approaching Blue Ink in Pink

Black hole inside Blue Ink in Pink

Passage to Andromeda - Day #7

A fairly quiet day in The Black today. Not too many jumps made as I found myself in several large systems with many valuable planets to be scanned. I did however make my way into the rather stunning Pomegranate Nebula (Blaa Hypa UX-N b50-13). Through the vast red dust clouds of the nebula I could clearly see Sigmar's Hideout (Clookau KX-S d4-137) across the expanse of space.

I continue to make my way toward Colonia however I am really not rushing. This is an expedition after all and I want to discover and explore more of this beautiful universe I find myself flying through.

Approaching The Pomegranate Nebula

Inside The Pomegranate Nebula with Sigmar's Hideout in the distance

Passage to Andromeda - Day #6

Continuing north on my way to Colonia. I decided to take in the Persimmon Nebula (Blau Aescs OO-H d10-842) along the way and was greeted by a large beautiful red nebula and once inside it, it was truly stunning.

Next it's on to The Pomegranate Nebula (Blaa Hypa UX-N b50-13) which is only just over a thousand LY away from where I am now.

Approaching the Persimmon Nebula

Inside the Persimmon Nebula

Passage to Andromeda - Day #5

Headlong toward Colonia now. Using the EDSM Evolved Galactic Map I identified some interesting places to visit on my long haul over there. Within about 20 jumps of the last waypoint I found The Cobweb Nebula (PLIO AIM ZS-W B4-0) which was a rather enchanting nebula and a little further along The Hurricane Nebula (Blaa Hypa MO-V b30-7) with it's beautiful purples and dark indigo blue. It's truly a beautiful universe out here.

I am continuing to discover new systems and mapping any planets of value. At this point I have discovered almost 2300 new systems over all in EDSM and a considerable amount of brand new systems being logged in the CODEX. Exploration has always been my favourite way to spend time here and so getting to explore while completing the expedition is twice as much fun.

Picking up a helping boost

Into the Hurricane Nebula

Leaving the Cobweb Nebula

Passage to Andromeda - Day #4

Made it to Waypoint #2 (Prai Hypoo GF-E c10) and decided to land at Relic Site #1 to do a little exploration of the Guardian Ruins. Up to now I hadn't taken a Scarab with me on my expeditions, a huge oversight I realised when I was light years away from anywhere that I could get a Scarab loaded. So before starting Passage to Andromeda I made sure that I had my ship refitted and bought along a single Scarab so I could at least land and explore some of the planets I came across.

After spending some time on the surface, I loaded the Scarab back into the hanger on my Anaconda and have now left the system. Colonia is the next Waypoint for the expedition and a change to dock, restock and refit if necessary. Overall I am happy with my Anaconda loadout and won't change anything. I don't want to reduce the 70LY jump range I currently have. I will however need to restock on a heatsink or two after a near miss with a rather large Class A star upon entering a system.

Out in the Purple

On the surface

Passage To Andromeda - Day #3

I’m making steady progress across the large expanses of empty space between Lave and the second waypoint at Prai Hypoo GF-E c10. I have taken a detour to take in some sights along the way and recently left The Green Pentagon - (Lysoovsky BH-L d8-26) with it’s beautiful large purple ringed gas giant sporting it’s stunning green aurora at the poles. I’m now making my way directly to the second way point and will perform a full landing at one of the historical Guardian sites of interest before setting off for the third way point at Colonia.

The Green Pentagon

Passage to Andromeda - Day #2

Day two of Passage to Andromeda. After making a reasonable start yesterday and putting in about 100 jumps I have decided to explore the route a little more and take in a couple of the POIs along the way.

First on the list if The Traikeou Goliaths (Traikeou AA-A h4), a system with a Wolf-Rayet star at it’s centre and orbited by a truly massive supergiant. Certainly not something you come across every day in the Elite universe.

After that I will zig-zag my way to the second waypoint via The Green Pentagon (Lysoovsky BH-L d8-26). Leaving for Colonia there is the chance to pass through some more interesting systems which I look forward to.

The Traikeou Goliaths

Passage to Andromeda - Day #1

Last night saw the start of the Passage to Andromeda Expedition. At around 2215 GMT+1 well over 100 Commanders made a mass jump to, in my group's case, Orrere signalling the start of the expedition.

My ship, The Fruity Gerbil, is the same build that I flew on my recent trip to Beale Point and back around through the Outer Scutum-Centaurus Arm. It's been engineered to provide a 70LY range with it's current fit which I am hoping will get me through this expedition. I'm carrying Jumponium elements just in case I need a little extra help, not that I've had to do that once so far. We'll see!

So now I will settle into the well worn sequence of jump, honk, scan anything of value, rinse and repeat as I cross the large distance to our first waypoint at Prai Hypoo GF-E c10, a mere 11.7k LY away!

Ready to Leave

Almost time to leave

After hours and hours of jumping I finally made it back to my home system and station, Garay Terminal in Deciat. After a few small ship tweaks and mods and a spanking new paintjob, I am now ready for the Passage to Andromeda Expedition which is due to leave Lave later this evening.

This will be my first time playing in 'Open Play' and my first EDSM Expedition. I am really looking forward to it despite the fact it's tracing a similar path to my recent journey and I am even going back to Beagle Point..... not something I expected to do again so soon. Looking forward to seeing some interesting sights along the way and meeting some of the other Commanders.

A new look.....