Pallaeni [#5070343316953]

Born out of the Colonia Militia Forces (CMF), the Colonial Marines are a special unit of distinguished pilots who have demonstrated commitment above and beyond the call of duty. They are a joint task force made up of divisions from many different groups, all committed to defending the Colony. This prestigious unit is the Colony's first line of defence.

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25 260

Frakcja kontrolująca:

Pallaeni General Co


This system is located at: 112.6875 / 47.125 / 128.4375

Współrzędne galaktyczne R: 177,244 / l: 318,737 / b: 15,419
Współrzędne równikowe Rektascensja: 14h 18m 15,836s / Deklinacja: -44° 46'17,869''

Strefa mieszkalna:
Metal-rich body (1 to 2 ls), Earth-like world (27 to 40 ls), Water world (22 to 86 ls), Ammonia world (56 to 152 ls), Terraformable (21 to 42 ls)

Szacowana wartość: 60 714 cr

Raport ruchu

This system was visited for the first time on EDSM by Crofter.

4878 ships passed through Pallaeni space, including 4 ships in the last 7 days.

2 ships passed through Pallaeni space in the last 24 hours.

Anaconda - 1
Python - 1

Pomniejsze frakcje.
Pallaeni General Co (Expansion) 85,700 %
Pallaeni Dynasty (None) 6,600 %
Pallaeni Co-operative (None) 4,100 %
Pallaeni Partnership (None) 2,400 %
Colonial Marines (None) 1,200 %
HIP 69799 Interstellar (None) 0,000 %
Kota Thian Power PLC (None) 0,000 %
Revolutionary Osismonti Future (None) 0,000 %
Tsakhmet Purple Mob (None) 0,000 %

Pallanei is an otherwise unremarkable star system on the 'northern borders' of the frontier. Its claim to fame arose when the DSS Beagle, (a Lakon Asp Explorer), used the system as its starting point for the first recorded galactic crossing (Dec. 16th 3300), an expedition called 'Distant Suns'.

One year after the Beagle's successful mission, which culminated in the discovery of the remote star system that later became known as Beagle Point, Pallaeni was chosen as the launch site for the Distant Worlds 3302 Expedition - the follow up expedition to Distant Suns, but this time involving a mass community effort. Due to this expedition, Pallaeni saw an influx of over 1,300 starships on Jan 13th 3302, all gathered for the launch event.

Several months after the end of the DW3302 expedition, Universal Cartogrpahics placed the Distant Worlds 3302 Tourist beacon in the system to commemorate that historic event.

In August 3302, Pallaeni was nominated by the Colonia Citizens Network custodians of the time to become the headquarters of the Colonial Marines faction. The CMF were a small group of dedicated commanders tasked to help defend the fledgling colony out in the Eol Prou nebula, which later became known as Colonia. The HQ at Pallaeni was, for a brief time, used as a bubble-based recruitment site, and staging post for transport ships leaving the bubble for Colonia, with Colonial Marines acting as fleet escorts.

Currently the CMF remains dormant, however the NPC faction there still remains.

On January 13th 3305, the Distant Worlds 2 Expedition launched from the tourist beacon in Pallanei, this time the startfleet heading out into the black is estimated to be in excess of 13,500 ships, making it by far that largest concentration of commanders in one location at any one time.

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Video Link : Basecamp scouting on Pallaeni for DW3302

Link: Distant Worlds 3302 Launch Event