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(Asp Explorer)
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8 lut 2021
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Trip to Colonia - May, 20 3310 - 140 jumps from Colonia
  • May, 20th

Been rerouted on the way losing a few jumps...

Discovered Systems with Water based Giants

Water giant, ammonia in Skaude XE-O d7-5

Gas giant with water-based life in Skaude AL-M d8-429 enter image description here

Trip to Colonia - May, 19 3310 - 138 jumps from Colonia
  • May 17th,

Mostly focused on exploring Flyiedgiae UX-T c19-42. Planet AB 7e had a very juicy 6 bio signals.

Landed on AB 7e and discovered 4 new species including awesome:

Fungoida Stabitis Blue

Cactoida Cortexum Teal

  • May 19th,

Continued my odyssey, arrived at Flyiedgiae MA-C d14-181 for jet cone boost, but also found out a scary dark world...

Trip to Colonia - May, 17 3310 - 156 jumps from Colonia
  • Few systems visited today; mostly composed of rocky/icy bricks.. Nothing really interesting.

  • Finally found out massive FLYIEDGIAE UX-T C19-42 (48 bodies) with some interesting signals.

Will explore this system further tomorrow...