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ex astris [ewf0b1]
(Imperial Cutter)
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31 paź 2016
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66 187
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45 028
MCE #3

Today I decided to check out a Wolf Rayet, which is about 700 ly above the galactic plane. Since there is a Herbig on the way I will check this out first.

I just found 2 other systems with an ELW & WW. Starting to look good already.

The Herbig is already tagged and so will be the Wolf Rayet. Since it is just 100 ly away I'll check it out anyways.

As I expected it. The Wolf Rayet is tagged as well. But it was not all in vain. I found another ELW. This makes, in suma sumarum, 3 ELW's for today. I landed on an totally irrelevant moon from an HMC for the night. It is still a little bit more then 2,000 Ly to jump until WP2.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

MCE #2

I just found a Class B9 IIAO, a real Supergiant. 1300 Ly above the galactic plane. Will take me about 50 Jumps with the Ex Astris. I am excited and hope that nobody else tagged it. At least it is not listed on EDSM. Lets see what happens.

Well, as it turns out the supergiant was already tagged by CMDR Sam Ishum. I should have known better. With over 11,000 Ly I am still to close to the bubble. But as CMDR Rory Clague said, the expedition is still a long way to go. I am going now 42 jumps (~1,000 Ly) down.

After some 40 jumps I finally had some success today. I found a class F star with an ELW, TF WW, WW, AW and a TF HMC. Then 2 jumps further I found another system with an ELW and WW. I decided for the night I stay on some moon in the PLEOA AIP sector.

Spooling everything down with some Mozart Piano Concertos.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

One of the ELW's I found today enter image description here

Night Camp enter image description here

MCE ( Minerva Centaurus Expedition) #1

The expedition is on its way since 9 days now. I decided to write a logbook after all. There are many different ships in this expedition, even a Federal Corvette. But on an expedition there are no enemies, feds or not.

So, we made it to WP1 and are already on the way to WP2. WP1 was a nice place with Silicate Vapor Geysers. I have yet to find any by my own. Yesterday I was looking for an hour in the Universal Cartography to find a giant star. I finally found a class K star with a luminosity of II, I don't remember the temperature designation anymore, which is considered a Bright Giant. It was about 500 Ly away. On the way to it I saw a blue spot in the sky box and recognized it right away as a planetary nebula. I found one of those near the Scutum-Centaurus arm and I even got to name it, 'Hypatia’s Lighthouse'. I went to that blue spot, just to find out that another commander already tagged it. It was a system with a very energetic Neutron Star. When I arrived at the giant I found out yet again that it was tagged. This made me so mad that I jumped about 2000 Ly towards WP2. I should restrain my self in the future. I am not the only Imperial, or otherwise, explorer in the galaxy.

No interesting systems on the way. No ELW/AW just a few WW. Lets hope it will be better today.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

enter image description here