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ex astris [ewf0b1]
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31 paź 2016
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66 187
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45 028
MCE #13

Yesterday the plan was that we scout a little that moon for geysers today. Unfortunately I forgot to calculate where the main star stands the next. Well, we woke up in the 'night' or rather in the dark. The whole moon was in the shade. We departed into the orbit, circled the moon and searched at the bright site. We did not find anything this time. We plotted the route to WP3, spooled up the FSD and started our journey.

After about 30 jumps we arrived at WP3. In this 30 jumps we discovered a system with 3 WW and 2 other systems, each with an ELW. Nice.

WP3 is a potato planet, well it really looks like one. And there is nothing particularly interesting at this place. There are not many commanders here either.

We started to scout the vicinity around WP3. The first system we jumped to, about 6 Ly away, had a few gas giants with some promising moons. One moon in particular had major SVG and some turquoise patches. Previously I had encountered those blue/turquoise patches in which I found SVG. So we started to scan that moon for SVG. After quite some time of searching, longer than before, we finally found SVG. And those are the nice ones, they call it campfire SVG's. The SVG field is really nice. Everything is turquoise embedded in a small valley. And there are a lot of active SVG's.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Hunter in her red flight suite and new hair cut. enter image description here Ex Astris & Silicate Vapor Geyser enter image description here Silicate Vapor Geysers (SVG) in a turquoise valley enter image description here

MCE #12

I woke up way to early this morning, for some reason I could not sleep any longer. When I came into the galley Hunter was already there and she had a new hairstyle. If you could call it that. She just cut off her mohawk and her hair is now shorn tight. Well, since my razor is broken I have now a short beard. And the paint of Ex Astris starts to peel off. No wonder after 39,000 Ly. Out here nobody cares about outfit anyways.

We launched after breakfast and continued our journey towards WP3. After about 20 jumps I finally found my twentieth Earth-like World and short after that No. 21. After that there was a long stretch of nothing. Mostly stars without any bodies. And when there was a system with bodies there where mostly icy planets.

Towards the end of the day I found something interesting. A landable snowball just 13 ls from the main star with a total of 60.30 earth masses and 24,833 Km radius! Gravity is 3.98G and the temperature of about 1,570K. Wow, that is the biggest snowball I have seen, ever. I am wondering wheter this is a record. I have to check this.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Earthlike World No.20 enter image description here

Monster Snowball enter image description here

MCE #11

Moving slowly toward WP3. I still try to find ELW #20. No luck so far. I tried to find some Water Geysers on an Icy Moon with Major Water Geysers. But this task seams to be more difficult then finding Silicate Vapor Geysers.

Jumping from one system to another just using class GFABO stars. Lots and lots of colored balls. But all the wrong color. No blue. Not even a Water World. Jump...jump...jump.

Then, as always, when you least expect it a system with a Water World. No, wait, there is another and another one. The last one was one of those beautiful blue balls. Just not the right blue. Lets scan the whole system. And so I scanned away. One Water World after another. One HMC after another. And in the end there are 8 ! Yes 8, terra-formable bodies. Including the water Worlds.

And Hunter and I celebrate again. In another system on a similar moon I found yet again another Silicon Vapor Geyser field. It seams that they are easier to find than Water Geysers. We will see.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

enter image description here

MCE #10

"Hunter! Take your laundry of the clothes line! This is a space ship not a wash saloon!". She sometimes drives me nuts with her crap.

With that out of the way we can start our journey to WP3. Lets see if we are more lucky today. There should be some ELW's around here. Lets see.

After just 6-7 jumps I found ELW #19. The main star is a class F3/M1 binary. There is also a class G0/K9 binary. The ELW lies between the G0/K9. About 30,000 ls from the main star. I will further explore this vicinity. At the moment I set the filter to A,F,G. Whereas I select to jump to A9,F5,G2 single star or A,F,G multiple star systems.

We, Hunter and I, are sitting on the bridge of the "Ex Astris" with a glass of Lavian Brandy and celebrating our latest find. When we entered the Neukuia sector I started to get tired. I said to Hunter

"Lets see if we find a nice planet with some geysers for a change. I am getting sick of all the stars."

Of course Hunter did not like that idea at all.

"And I am getting sick of geyser searching. We will never find any."

Well, it looks like I have to convince her.

"How about a wager? If I find any in less than an hour I spent a bottle of Lavian Brandy. If I don't find any I will not talk about geysers for the next 5,000 Ly".

She frowned, "Seriously?".


"You've got it", she replied.

Well as it turns out I found them. Finally. And that after 10 minutes.

Sometimes you get lucky.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Silicate Vapor Geysers enter image description here

enter image description here

MCE #9

Aleyda, that is the name of Baron Rory's Co Pilot. She's cute, I give her that, although she does not seam to know much about the Imperial peerage. A Duke is always addressed as Your Grace. Perhaps the good Baron should teach her the manners of the Empire. Well, yes, what else... Oh ya, she was telepresented into my ship to help me in searching for geysers. Unfortunately no geysers could be found. Perhaps another day.

I am wasting way to much time with geyser searching, says Hunter. "There is no money in that", she adds. Well yes, she is right. Geysers and Fumaroles are worthless little things. But it is a challenge to find them. And that is what it is all about in the Exploration Community. Finding the oddballs, the rare objects like a binary ringed ELW or a system with 8 Water Worlds. Why 8? Because a 7 WW system was already found !

While searching for Iron Magma Fumaroles on a moon I found yet another System Defense Force which apparently got lost. The search afterwards for Fumaroles was fruitless. So, for the time being there seams to be no connection between SDF and nearby Fumaroles/Geysers. I would have needed Baron Rory's help in that matter but subspace was today a little iffy so that I could not reach him. Perhaps another time.

To close the day I found a ringed Ammonia World.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Duke Steyla & Aleyda searching for Geysers enter image description here

Yet another System Defense Force an APS Scout enter image description here

Ringed Ammonia World enter image description here

MCE #8

Nothing special to report today. Oh ya, there was a holofac from Baron Rory. He asked if I was in the mood to tele-present to his ship. He needed some help to find another geyser. I was not in the mood. I sent Hunter in stead.

After 2 hours Hunter reported back. 'What a waste of time. 2 moons. Perfect size. Both are supposed to have major Silicate Vapor Geysers.' she was really angry 'We didn't find anything !', she yelled and threw her gear into her quarter. Of course throwing something in Zero G has not much of an impact. The gear stopped in mid air, which made her even more angry. She went in her cabin closed the door and wasn't seen for the rest of the day.

Sometimes you find something, sometimes you don't. What can you do.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Hunter & Baron Rory searching for geysers. enter image description here

MCE #7 WP2

I woke up with a terrible hangover. I shouldn't have had the Lavian brandy with Hunter. Anyways, today is the meet up at Way point #2. It is just 3 jumps away.

The meet up was interesting, as always. Seeing so many commanders with their different ships, kits and paints. We have 5 Imperial Cutters on that expedition. That is a lot, considering that the Cutter is not a pure Explorer, like the ASP or even the Anaconda with its huge jump range.

The organizer of the MCE held an SRV race to a rather steep mountain. Hunter and I decided not to participate. Hunter wanted to relax, before we go to the next way point, and I still had a hell of a headache. We waited until the mass jump.

The mass jump was the usual gathering of all the participants somewhere in space. It started the journey to the next waypoint. There was a lot of chatter between the commanders until the count down started. At this point we started to spool up our FSD to jump in a near system. All to the the same system and all at the same time. It is quite a sight seeing so many ships jumps at once. I enjoy it every time.

After several jumps going higher in the galactic plane, a holofac from Baron Rory arrived at my console. He asked to join him at a rather interesting moon. A metal rich moon with major Silicate Vapor Geysers. It was just a few jumps away. After arriving at the site we had a short chat about that place. It is an interesting system. There are 2 stars. One class G and one class M. The moon orbits another metal rich body which orbits the M star in about 276 ls distance. That makes the M star pretty large at the horizon and to its side there was the G star. Smaller, because it was further away.

The good Baron decided that he needed some rest. I did the same and left the helm to Hunter. I told her if she likes she can explore the moon for geysers while I went into the back of the ship in to the Commanders quarters to take a rest.

After some time, it must have been an hour or so, the com system came up and Hunter asked me to come to the bridge.

When I arrived on the bridge she told me about a shiny object she found on the surface of the moon. Because we were several kilometers above ground we could not make out what it is. I took the helm and at the same time a holofac with Baron Rory came up. I told hime about the shiny object and he asked to join in a telepresence.

After he was aboard he took a fighter to check out the shiny object. Lo and behold it was a System Defense Force ASP X. That's right. Almost 14,000 ly from civilization a System Defense Force. What system does it defend, we asked our selfs. I told the Baron he should perhaps wake it up by give it a slight shot above the bow. Well, somehow the laser of the GU-97 must have miss fired and grazed the shields of the ASP. Suddenly all hell broke lose. The ASP started to take off and was attacking us. Baron Rory, not used to the GU-97, was in for a fight. I told Hunter to take the 2nd fighter, a Taipan, and support the Baron. The shields of the GU-97 were already down when Hunter left the bay. She right away boosted towards the ASP and begun attacking it. Both were now fighting against the ASP and eventually destroyed it. The Baron almost lost the fighter, hull down to 1%. But in the end the Empire was victorious once again. Hail the Emperor, hail Arissa Lavigny-Duval.

Both fighters docked safely on the Ex Astris. Baron Rory had the idea to take one fighter and scout the area for Geysers. I agreed and so the Baron went into the fighter and took of once again. Not for long he screamed, "I got it ! I got it !" and there they were. Just around the corner a beautiful field of Silicate Vapor Geysers.

Baron Rory came back with the fighter and docked at the Ex Astris. He said he is disconnecting the telepresence and comes back with his Imperial Clipper Twin Paradox. When he came back we both started to survey the area.

What a beautiful find. Once again teamwork paid of.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Hunter in search for Geysers enter image description here

Baron Rory Clague investigating the System Defence Force ASP X enter image description here

Baron Rory Clague & Duke Steyla in front of a Geyser. enter image description here

Silicate Vapor Geysers enter image description here

Active Silicate Vapor Geyser and class M star enter image description here

MCE #6

We are at WP2 since yesterday. The day was supposed to be a no exploration day. But, Baron Rory Clague was still on its way and ask me for my telepresence. He wanted to show me how to find geysers. Since I had nothing else todo and I would not have to fly the ship, I agreed. Hunter stayed with the ship since she has not the slightest interested in Geyser hunting.

I arrived in Baron Rory's Clipper 'Twin Paradox'. He spooled up his FSD and jumped in to the next system to look for a more suitable planet or rather moon. A more suitable moon is usually a moon which has a radius of not bigger than 500 Km. It has major Iron Magma or Silicate Vapor geysers. It should not have to many canyons. Well, as it turned out the search for such a moon took longer then we had anticipated. After about 2 hours we finally found one. It had a radius of about 700 km. And standard Iron Magma Geysers. Not optimal but after such a long search we thought to try it out.

The strategy was that Baron Rory was taking the helm and I the external camera to look for geysers. We flew through several canyons and not for long I spotted in one canyon clouds. And lo and behold there where the Iron Magma Fumaroles. Finally. After so long I finally found fumaroles. It would not have been possible without a pilot at the helm. This was a team effort. And I think it was not the last time. We will do that more often.

After I returned to my ship I had dinner with Hunter. And afterwards we enjoyed some Lavian brandy and a Kamitra Cigar. Hunter very much enjoyed the cigar. Me too. Those Kamitra Cigars have a very earthy taste.

The brandy started to have its impact on me and I wanted to turn in for the night when suddenly the holofac came up with Baron Rory on it. He told me about a NS with a class M companion he just found. Nothing special about this. But an ELW was orbiting the class M star. He asked me to join him. I agreed since it is just meager 15 jumps away. I spooled up the FSD and started the jumps to Baron Rory to join him in the scan of that system. When we come back to civilization and hand in the exploration data we will be both credited for the discovery. Exploring in the wing is well worth it.

After the system was scanned we part company and went back to WP2. I found another Ammonia World 3 jumps away from WP2 and decided to stay in that system until the next day.

This was truly a successful day in exploration.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

CMDR Baron Rory Clague & CMDR Duke Steyla in search for a suitable geyser moon enter image description here

Iron Magma Fumaroles enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

MCE #5

The day started rather hazy on this god forsaken moon. Hunter is in a really bad mood today. At breakfast she urged me not to waste my time again with the search for geysers. I rather should continue like yesterday with skimming through all the class A&F stars in this sector. I tend to agree. With that in mind I concluded the journey from yesterday and lo and behold found the first system with 3 WW. Looks like a good start. None of them are TF though. In another system, a G2, I found 3 WW again. That make 7 now.

Waterworlds. Lots and lots of Waterworlds. I just found a system with 4 of them. New personal record. I tried again to beat the odds by jumping in ego mode. 50 jumps for 250 ly. And I did not find any ELW. Then I decided to just jump to WP2. After setting my route I jumped into the first system and found an ELW ! Hunter was just shaking her head in disbelief. 3 Jumps later there was another ELW. And a few jumps later another. Well, I thought lets see. I re-routed back to the first ELW, just using K and G stars, since the ELW's I've just found are in a class K system. 25 jumps back, nothing. 25 Jumps forward, again nothing. Hunter said "Don't you see? The RNG goddess and Murphy having a field day with you.". She likes it when I get screwed by faith. This time I started to plot a way to WP2.

After about 1,000 ly we arrived. We found 3 ELW's and 20 WW today. So far we travelled 30,610 ly in the MCE. Now we take a break for the next 2 days before we go on to WP3.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

MCE Waypoint #2 enter image description here

All kinds of ships enter image description here

The Imperial Force enter image description here

5 Imperial Cutters, 1 Imperial Clipper enter image description here

MCE #4

I am here in a class A8 star system. On a totally deserted and irrelevant moon. I could sit here for 10 billion years and nobody would ever come by. Although until then the star will have been evolved to a K-giant and the moon will be annihilated.

So, lets take off, map the system and move on. There is a WW in that system, about 1,600 ls from the main star. Should be a TF WW.

And it is a TF WW, no surprise here.

After a few jumps I found another ELW in an class F8 system. The system, Skaudeae DC-J d10-32, has a land-able TF HMC too.

Then I tried to beaten the odds in just jumping to class A & F stars and this in a very slow fashion. 37 jumps for 250 Ly, which is called the Economic Route. And lo and behold there it was, after some 25 jumps yet another ELW. It seams like we can beaten the odds, it just needs some perseverance.

While I was scanning the system I received a holofac from Baron Rory Clague. We exchanged some pleasantries and after a while I invited him to a telepresence in my Imperial Cutter 'Ex Astris'.

I gave hime a tour through the ship and he was very surprised about the size difference between his Clipper and the Cutter. Very much so that he, and I am certain of it, will eventually buy a cutter after the MCE.

We jumped through a few systems and finally landed on yet another barren moon in some system. We decided that tomorrow I will join him in his Clipper where he will teach me the art of finding geysers. After all he is the foremost expert on this expedition, having already found several sites. Whereas I have not found any sites yet, despite the extensive search on several moons and planets.

After Baron Rory Clague left I turned in for the night. Hunter, my SLF pilot, was already in a deep sleep.

Steyla Lucius Maxentius Yaroklis, Duke of Yaroklis

Earthlike World enter image description here