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Nazwa dowódcy:
Aktualny statek:
Vomit Comet [CB-FC2]
(Federal Corvette)
Członek od:
20 lis 2016
Zgłoszone odległości:
Odwiedzone układy:
56 352
Pierwsze odkrycia układów:
6 026
Stan konta:
54 435 261 284 Cr
Nearly crashed!

That was a scary moment. On my way to the most distant system so far discovered (Oevasy SG-Y d0), I found a 4g planet with some nice volcanic activities on its surface. Slowly approaching the surface, I missed the sight to some geysers and so I dropped my nose for a better view. Suddenly gravity pulled me down towards the surface. I pulled my nose up and retracted the landing gear. With shock in my eyes I saw the radar altitude still rushing towards zero. I activated the after burner but I still hit the surface. My first thought was "It's over! Six weeks out in the void and everything lost!" But like a miracle, my shields stood the crash dropping two rings but still active! With some minor scratches I gained altitude, my heart nearly jumping out of my chest.

Lesson learned: Never drop your nose at a high g planet.... simple... NEVER!