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The Ship With No Name [Q7-xxx]
(Krait MkII)
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3 lip 2017
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24 929
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3 018
captains log. tuesday. holy crap i have legs

I noticed a bit ago that I suddenly have legs. and I can walk around and stuff, I thought I would give these new legs a test. it didn't go well

I landed my ship at some small backwater industrial settlement. I took the buggy for a short ride with me, just in case I needed a quick getaway.,

after the short ride, I got out of my buggy and took my Mav suit with me, well, it has night vision if nothing else. 1st building needed a clearance level of 3. bummer. no way in here, I turned around and nearly bumped into a guard. he took it in good humour but did a scan in case I was wanted, I wasn't so he moved me along. The next building was again too high a clearance level, as were buildings 3 and 4. by this point I was running around like a loon as I have no idea how long life support in the suits lasted. I just knew I wanted a recharge point.

I run around a corner and find a building I can enter... 'bingo' I thought. I open the 1st door of the airlock and notice a recharge point.. whew. just what I need. I crack out my recharge tool. Making sure not to put it in overcharge mode, I need power. Not problems, I go to pull the trigger on the recharge and suddenly I find myself throwing a grenade, bouncing off the wall landing at my feet...

RUNAWAY... I legged it, and BOOM!. The grenade goes off and I just make it... oh crap.... now everyone has started shooting me. run, again!.... do the jumpy thing. (about now I thought the suit with the jumpy thing would have been better). anyway, I jump onto a roof. my buggy is on the other side of the compound to my left, my ships right close to me on my right. I run and jump my way to the ship, I get a warning about my buggy getting left... I don't frakking care. just let me on my ship,

my ship is under fire, my buggy is under fire. I retracted the landing gear and hit the thrusters. I'm gone, I need to configure this suit better*, but at least I got away without getting wanted, good old anarchy systems, I guess I'm going back to bounty hunting for a while until I figure these suits out

see you next Tuesday o7

(*or at the very least configure my controller better)

captains log, as time stamped pt 2

ok, I can confirm that having a probe onboard when a goid scans you, knocks out the goid ship. and it still works with a sensor or a link or both also on board. it gives more than enough time for a full Xeno scan and to boost past and go into supercruise,. at least in a noncombat conda. The next experiment is to try in a combat ship...

so for now I'm heading back to Jamesson's memorial to kit out a combat ship.

see you next Thursday where I will hopefully have more results

captains log, as time stamped

I have been experimenting with the bugs (goids) lately. Been to several sites. Activated several machines. Been interdicted many times, I have noticed something unusual. When carrying a probe if you get scanned by a Goid while carrying a probe it seems to knock out their systems for a short while. I have other things to try but this could help in the fight against them....

Oh, side note to self. It doesn't knock out those that don't scan you. More details to follow

see you next Thursday

captains log. In the black

In the black

captains log. I think its a Tuesday

Oh no ones listening. I'm too far out. they may never get this. And now I'm talking to myself again, you know what it's like for us blackers. Just go. where? it doesn't matter, let's just go and have a look. Well, I've been floating between nebulae. or is that nebuli?

Who knows.. .. I haven't been back for a while went to recheck the Golconda again and it seemed busy so off I went again. Sorry for the infrequency of logs, but the days are rolling into each other now, the months too.... Serina's still crew but not sure if she's going to work out, then again Mandy is hard to replace, I still don't know how I managed to escape when dropping out of hyperspace right into an asteroid, and when I say in, I mean inside! maybe I need to get the nev calibrated.

I think it's a Tuesday. Not important. did I say that already? Never mind, space sick I guess. I'm heading back to the California nebula now. I think that's my closest port. It's nothing fancy and it's quiet, that's how I like it after being in the black for so long and its been a while now...... besides I promised myself I would swing by again and check the place out better next time I was over that way...

Not sure I'll do the elephant nebula again, it seems a bit in the wrong direction, I don't know why, it could just as well be in the right direction, its not like I have a specific direction to go, I would enjoy up ...... ups good, I always enjoyed up. Up and Tuesdays.

Is it Tuesday today? never mind... call it a hunch. Ha, you get a lot of those in the black.. but I must admit, it would be nice to change the air/water pods out. We're out of fresh and we've been on recycled for some time now, besides a proper bed would be nice, well as proper as they get out here on the edge of the known,. Besides, this isn't exactly Vancovour dock. Is that still a place? it used to have the best clubs in the quadrent, best beds, baths and bars, and yes real beds and real baths, just like they had in the way back ..... non of those sonic showers, real baths I kid you not. The gamblings not bad either,...... Ha, another time maybe.

I've seen things. things you wouldn't believe.... I always liked that saying from the old hollo discs, hard to find that kind of merch now. its all data transfers this and transfers that. nothing physical anymore, nothing is real but I digress.

heres some tips for those planning on checking out goids, and those suckers ain't pretty up close,

Those little scouts are more annoying than harmful and as long as you got plenty of heat sinks they can be avoided, when there's a few then can cook you up pretty bad mind.

The big ones? depending on your cargo and the ship layout. They mostly leave you be but don't hold me to that. They definitely get miffed if your carrying certain tech... always prepare to run. and when I say run I mean run fast. although if they're not done with you you can't outrun them, you might even have one matching your speed out of your side windows, worth checking if they're mass locking you. If this is the case slow drastically change direction and then boost your way like your life depends on it. preferably not into it because this also gets them miffed.. or drop a slf out to divert but this also gets them miffed. Better just to run unless you want to fight.

Serina's getting better now, but unless she picks up fast I got to get someone else in.

OK I got to go, Serina's tells me it's my shift so I'm checking out, besides, I'll be back in a few days., hopefully .....

See you next Tuesday

Captains log.

Serina's really getting into it and isnt as bad a crewmate as I first thought, plus she's turning out to be pretty dangerous infact. Poker night Thursday, lets hope she isnt as good at cards as Mandy.

Thargoid threat seems to be getting ever close, hope the scans I have been sending in help.

Captains log.

Lost Mandy this week, we lost it big time in a has res, came to in prison, note to self pay fines, prison happened to be in the middle of nowhere, took 3 jumps just to get back to where I lost the ship and Mandy. I sent her belongings onto her family, she will be missed.

Took on a new pilot and she has big shoes to fill. Serina, She's mostly useless at the moment but a few days in the rez will have her toughend up

Captains log.

Too hung over to head anywhere today, poker ran on late and I left early while I still had my shirt. Not seen Mandy yet, she was ahead when I left, I know she cleaned me out.

Captains log.

Took a break from bounty hunting over at Wangal. The endless killing was beginning to effect my sleep so started to head back to the Gnosis, well me and Mandy (crew) have got a poker night set up and she says if I win then shes getting the Lavian Brandy in, I can live with that.

Captains log.

Stardate today. Sunday. getting late

Thargoids. FRACKING Thargoids fracking everywhere... Found some signal sources, NON human signal sources, scarey stuff. Dropped out of super cruise to take a better look, escape pods being scooped up by thargoids, they are attacking our people and kidnapping them, this cant be good, never hear of no 'goid dropping off people after a flight somewhere, I deploy scanner and scan that puppy looking for a week spot it turned and faced me, I pooped a little and noticed the drone behind, maybe that will hold some clue it turned away to continue scooping people while I scooped the probe. that damn goid didn't like that, it swarmed me again and again while hitting me with something that was cooking me alive in the can. deployed heat sinks and deployed everything else, my guns had no effect. and it was getting hot again, chaff just pisses them off. more heat sinks, I used all my heat sinks and barely made it away, shame I couldn't help the survivors but at least I have something I can take back, hopefully this will help in the fight against this 'goid invasion.

Captains log.

Stardate today. Wednesday. About tea time.
After docking with the Gnosis and finding out I was early, departure not for another 8 hours. The bar was closed, just my luck, everyone sitting down not drinking (for a 'science mission we sure have a lot of dodgy looking mercs on board'), it was un-natural, decided to do some BH for the canonn group, they pay well, bit of a distance to the rings but hey, I had time to kill, earned a few mill but now I'm going to get some shut eye, departure in a few hours, hope they have some latvian brandy, after a year in the black it would be good to re-stock, and it gives you hell of a kick start any morning.

Captains log update A few hours later (Thursday) Couldn't sleep, watched a holo movie, Jaws 142, the shark still looks fake but the bars open so I'm off for breakfast and try and find out what's going on around here