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Profit Margin [hl2663]
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4 lut 2019
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4 942
Heading to Magellan's Star

Did a bit of exploring, the region is well inhabited by the Pendicule Trees.

So I decided to head off to Magellan's Star. I managed 18 jumps to Droerst RT-Q C19-0 and got stuck. As suggested by EDSM there doesn't appear to be a direct route.

If I want to continue from here I'll have to plot it manually and go around the large void that lies between here and Magellan's Star. That could take a lot longer.

So I'm going to rest on it and ponder if I really want to do it.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Arrived at Droerdy OB-w C-15

I arrived at 10:22:42 on 30/7/3055. This is the first of my six legs completed, the last part of this journey was most interesting.

At the last 3 visited systems, including here I found notable stellar phenomena and plenty of biological life forms.

At Droerdy OX-L D72 there were 3 NSP's, all Lagrange Clouds with Albidum, Ostrinum, Rubidum and Viride Penducle Trees.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I found the same varieties at Droerdy SX-L D7-4 and also Caeruleum Penducle Trees and Candidum Penducle Pods.

enter image description here

And then here there is one NSP with Viride and Albidum Penducle Trees.

So I'm going to hang about this region and do a bit of local exploration for a day or two, land on a few bodies and collect some materials.

It's taken me 3 weeks (21 days) to get here, so I'm probably looking at another 15 weeks to complete this journey although I'm considering taking a detour to Magellan's Star at Ood Fleau ZJ-I d9-0, it's over 12500 ly away so it'll add a couple of weeks to the journey time getting there and back.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.


I seem to be missing out on all the Thargoid activity that is going on in the bubble. Well, out here there's not a lot I can do about it.

I just hope that we don't lose too many brave pilots who are defending our territory.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

So far so good...

Well, no need for replotting yet and I discovered my first neutron star of this trip.

enter image description here

This was at Slehoea EW-E D11-0 and was the entry point into the system. For these trips I keep Frameshift Dethrottle on so that the first thing into every system I come to a halt. This gives me chance to use the discovery scanner on the system to find out the number of bodies, a quick look using the detailed scanner then allows me to assess if the system is worth any more attention.

Ammonia worlds, water worlds, earth like worlds and high metal content worlds will pique my interest and allow me to optimise the mapping before I move on.

So, on with the exploration...

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Looks like I might have some extra navigation to do now...

I've arrived at Slohoea DP-V B29-6 and EDSM says that it is 3,592.77 ly to my next waypoint of Oofail CX-A c27-19. So I'm getting the feeling that a big chunk of this has no fuel stars.

I have to go with it though, so I'll re-plot the route when I hit a problem.

Currently I'm 19366 ly from Sol and 12863 ly from the end of this leg of the journey at Droerdy OB-W c15-0.

Well, here goes...

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Added 4 waypoints today

That's nearly another 2000 lights from Sol.

And I made another record jump, 63.64 ly, not much of an increase but it is as far as I can jump I think.

I'm spending the night at Pleia Aescs OJ-I D9-132 on moon A of planet AB1.

Journeying continues tomorrow.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

More fun today...

Well, I made some more progress today, 30 more jumps and a couple of planetfalls.

I also scanned this system, I think it might have more objects than I've seen in one system before,

enter image description here

The first stop was at Syraloa DA-A D235, a 2G world, so I approached the surface very gingerly and made a nice soft landing (phew). It was good to get out in the Scarab again, I haven't used it for a few weeks now.

My second stop was at a small moon, Syraloa VW-W B1-2 A1A, which I just left. By the time I got round to exploring, the sun had set and I had to do it in the dark. All the nice silicate geysers showed up nice and hot though.

So today I managed to add to my raw materials.

I'm resting at waypoint 12 Syraloa JO-K B8-4, 10982 ly from sol. Tomorrow I'm headed to Byeia Eur UX-L D7-175 at waypoint 13, maybe I'll do another leg too.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.

Back to travelling.

Since my last entry, I've been doing plenty of trading in and around the bubble. I've opened up a couple more engineers too. Petra Olmanova hasn't been used yet as she's 20000 lights away in the Colonia area. But I've made good use of Tiana Fortune to reduce the weight of my scanners. So I've also been working on P'Taq getting her ready for this new trip and stripping everything down in weight so that I can get the max jump range out of her. On paper I'll get 67.96 ly out of her now, in practice it is getting up to 63.7 which I'm very happy with.

So shortly after my last trip I started to plan the galactic circumnavigation and decided to go from Sol eastwards towards the Centaurus reach. I figured out a hexagonal course with 6 major waypoints,

Waypoint A - Start at Sol at 0:0:0 Waypoint B - Droerdy OB-W C15-0 at approx. 27992:-34:16318 Waypoint C - Hyiecho PI-B D13-0 at approx. 27442:-102:48953 Waypoint D - Beagle Point at -1100:-135:65270 Waypoint E - Syniechau BV-T B50-1 at approx. -29092:-102:48953 Waypoint F - Boerns LV-E B31-0 at approx. -28542:-34:16381

Each major leg is about 32000 ly and I'm not planning on rushing this journey.

I set off on 9th July, using EDSM to calculate the intermediate waypoints. I've effectively done about one of these per day so far, so I'm about half way to the end of the first leg.

It's been pretty un-eventful so far, still picking up new systems, but nothing spectacular.

0n 16th July I made record jumps of 63.62 ly quickly followed by another of 63.63 ly. Currently I'm in Trailaa LI-B C13-43 and headed for Trailaa QH-Q B46-0.

There are some stretches on this leg where I may have to deviate from a straight line, at least 3 of the sub-legs seem to be well over 900 ly, so we'll see when we get there.

CMDR Kris Afron signing out.

Home Sweet(?) Home

Last night I reached Sol and not including the outposts that I visited on the adventure I'm back to civilisation.

So I've worked out some statistics for the journey, which started at 16:58 on the 14th April and ended at 21:55 on 11th May, i.e. 27 days 4 hours 57 minutes, or nearly 653 hours, not all of which I was travelling of course.

  1. Total number of hyperspace jumps was 1680
  2. for a total distance of 92575.74 light years (this distance and number of jumps includes the additional I had to travel following my two setbacks). It all adds up to the wear and tear on the ship, or does it - I suppose that a re-generated ship is like new, never mind.
  3. My longest jump was 117.16 light years, using jumponium.
  4. The shortest was 0.71 light years while finding new systems around Sag A*.
  5. The average jump distance was 55.10 light years, but that's not really a true representation of the jump distance achieved. The median number is 61.76 light years and the range most often achieved was 62.53 light years.
  6. A very rough calculation shows that I was actually only travelling in P'Taq for about 100 hours out of the 653, the rest of the time I was idle. So my average speed was about 926 light years/hour, or about 0.0107 light years/second, or 3.21x10^6 metres/second - wow that's a big number.
  7. The journey made me just over 500 mil CR.

Feeling richer but my brain hurts.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.


Un uneventful and straight forward run to Rohini. There weren't many interesting systems on the way that I chose to stop at and give a thorough scan.

It's mid-afternoon by the ships clock, so I'll be figuring out my route back to the bubble next.

I don't expect that I'll be discovering many new systems between here and Sol, this is a very well travelled corridor.

Need to find a hostelry and grab a bite to eat, I'm really getting fed up of ship fodder now.

CMDR Kris Afron signing off.