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Recon explora [JO-16A]
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22 kwi 2016
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63 327
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31 857
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79 059 216 Cr
I arrive at Voyager's Reach and begin the voyager tail back to the bubble.

After travelling some 21000ly from Beagle Point, I have reached the system Byoo Briae CW-C c26-0 (Voyager's Reach). Now is the star of my trip back to the bubble.

Explorer's Anchorage

![enter image description here](

Formidine Rift

It's the first time I have arrived here. Decode 6/6 massage. The massage start on 21/08/3270 to 08/10/3270 all hell came down on this travellers, they write about strange lights in witch space. The light are coming for them. I seen the light in witch space my self, but only when a Thargoids ship pull my ship out which space. So far the Thargoid never attacked my ship. Was it the Thargoids, it a long way, 8000ly from the Pleiades. Do the thargoid travel this distances?
Was it madness that kill time? or Sabotage?

Alpha site is intact, there are lot of material to pick up and a Data point machine. I have info on the location of Beta site. I well head over to Beta site tomorrow and see what up there.

Halloween at Mahon Resarch base.

California nebula - System HIP 18077 6 C I've traveled out here for Halloween as they have a strange growth like a Giant pumpkin. The have polyporous growths on them as well which can be harvested. My bulgar look small in the distance 2km from the other side of the giant pumpkin field.
Some of this Giant Pumpkin may be up to 10m across. They may be, a couple of hundred of them down here.

There are no commanders that I can see around Mahon Research base.
There are other Alliance base's next to the California nebula. California Sector JH-V C2-12 California Sector HR-W D1-28 California Sector BA-A E6 California Sector BV-Y C7 There is also not that far away the NGC 1333 Nebula 2MASS J0329 1977+3124572 On my way back to the bubble I well stop off at LBN 623 nebula and the star systems SOTHIS and CEOS. Federation systems.

Trading for community Goals

3303-09-11 Made 32,832,722 in two day from heavy trading in the community Goal no-3. Open is at a time a killing field for interdictions, however, I was only interdicted twice. And being in Anaconda with shielding at 1820 units. I can get out of trouble fast with out damage. I move into a Private group to a less hassle free trading trip.

Back at beagle Point again

After flying with some other commander in multcrew and showing off beagle point I think it time to head back to the bubble but first stop back at cololina.

Charting the Abyss

Been charting the Abyss of around a month. Just the other side to look at now. 3000ly to go to at 12000ly light year trip in the zone were there are not many stars.