Galactic News

  • February 17, 3301
  • New VP Appointed

    In a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars, Congressman Ethan Naylor, the Congressman for Siren was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President.

    This is a controversial choice as this is the first time a member of the Federal Leadership has been a Congressman from a frontier world. Some have said that President Halsey is reacting to critics that here government is too Sol-centric, and others that she may regret the choice.

    In his appointment speech Naylor said:

    “I am honoured to have this phenomenal role. I will see it as my job to see that Federal States on the frontier will get the attention they deserve.”

  • A Question of Security

    During a gathering of patrons held on Eotienses earlier today, Senator Denton Patreus received a standing ovation after delivering a stirring speech on the importance of internal security.

    “We live in uncertain times my friends,” the Senator began. “The health of the Emperor is failing and the wolves are at our door. Even here, close to the very heart of our Empire, there are dangers lurking in every shadow.”

    The Senator went on to say:

    “It might surprise you to learn that just 30 mere lightyears from where we stand bloody handed chaos reigns supreme. The criminals of Falisci use their privileged sovereignty to peck away at law abiding Imperial states, and they are far from the only ones to do so. Is it not our honour bound duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves? We must purge the Empire of these parasites in our midst. Only then will we be free to achieve our true destiny.”

  • Effinger Port Furbaide Reports Contagion Spreading Unchecked

    Despite a valiant effort by medical staff working aboard afflicted stations in Liaedin, LHS 3505 and Furbaide the illness now known as Volungu Blight has managed to evade all attempts to contain it.

    The virulent disease has managed to claim hundreds of lives since it first appeared just 24 hours ago.

    In an attempt to combat the spread of the Blight, a rapid response team has been set up aboard Effinger Port station in the Furbaide system. This team will be working around the clock to find a cure, but they can’t do it alone.

    Dr Miriam Fletcher, head of the Furbaide CDC, has requested that anyone shipping basic medicines divert to Effinger Port in order to donate the supplies needed to stop the Blight before it manages to spread any further.

  • February 16, 3301
  • Patreus Slave Sale Ends

    It's been an interesting week for the people of Durius as they continue to undergo assimilation into the greater Imperial fold.

    As part of that process, the management team in charge of Durius were able to offer debt relief retraining to 12070 newly minted citizens. As a result, 12070 Imperial Slaves found themselves exported from Durius to other parts of the Empire over the last week. A move that was partly facilitated through a newly formed business arrangement between Senator Patreus and Senator Torval.

    Senator Patreus has said of this:

    “I am glad the remaining citizens of Durius have freely entered the honourable Imperial tradition and agreed to repay their share of the debt by voluntarily becoming Imperial Slaves until their debts are fully repaid. I wish them well.”

    Given the fact that the remaining citizenry are in good financial standing, the temporary sale of Imperial Slaves from Durius has now come to an end.

  • The Sorry Fate of Hank Stone

    Residents of Toolfa Large were left in shock this weekend after local security services found a small fortune in raw gold sitting aboard what they presumed to be an abandoned Sidewinder in one of the station’s lower hangers. The ship’s records indicate that its owner, a Mr Hank Stone, had spent the last month alone in the LAWD 26 system, where he had found a previously untapped source of precious metals.

    After a brief investigation it was discovered that a Mr Hank Stone, of no fixed abode, has been found dead in his bunk at Toolfa Large Short Stay Inn several days beforehand.

    Mr Stone is believed to have passed away due to chronic liver failure, a state that was no doubt exasperated by the half dozen empty bottles of Eranin Pearl Whiskey that were found strewn about his cabin.

  • February 15, 3301
  • Banki and BD+03 2338 - Over by Breakfast!

    In a speech delivered from Navy Headquarters, Admiral Vincent has expressed his pleasure over the progress being made by Federal Forces engaged in the reclamation of Banki and BD+03 2338.

    “The ongoing conflicts in Banki and BD+03 2338 were not started by us. They started at the beginning of the year when lawless thugs took it upon themselves to invade their smaller, peaceful neighbours. Despite any distractions President Halsey might be facing in her failure to find a replacement for our late Vice President Smeaton, the Federation will not stand idly by while foreign powers invade federal territory under the guise of locally formed separatist movements.”

    The Admiral went on to say:

    “All foreign, and indeed any domestically grown, terrorist rebels we find will be dealt with decisively. Our troops are doing extremely well, and thanks to the pinpoint strikes being carried out by my men on the ground, I expect the majority of the fighting will be over by the time I have breakfast tomorrow.”

  • February 14, 3301
  • Underground Racers Spotted In and Around Sol

    Word has spread that a group of CMDRs piloting Core Dynamics' Eagle Fighters were spotted conducting high speed races near the Sol system. Traders visiting Ashby City in Luyten's Star report that they spotted the pilots engaging in dangerous manoeuvres through the docking slot and around the station. Similar reports came from the Altair System where patrons of the Solo Orbiter Station were met with several colorfully-painted Eagles upon arrival.

    “The pilots made it clear they meant no harm, their hardpoints were retracted and subsystem scans indicated that the spacecraft were not equipped for combat.”

    Rumour has it that this underground racing circuit began around the Earth-Moon System in nearby Sol. It seems that for now the Federation are willing to turn a blind eye to these events, as Federal Security Forces have made no attempts to intervene.

    -CMDR FatHaggard

  • February 13, 3301
  • The St. Valentine's Day Regatta

    Captain Millington, chief of racing operations, has finally announced the details of this year's St. Valentine's Regatta, one of the most prestigious events on the yearly racing calendar. The race, which begins in the Kumbaya system, will see participants follow a gruelling 500ly route that passes through some of the most dangerous areas in the surrounding sectors.

    "As every pilot knows, St. Valentine's is a gruelling test of nerve and daring, a headlong dash from one side of inhabited space to the other. Many enter, but only one can win. In the 37 years of the race's history (excluding 3284, when it was cancelled due to the civil war) this race has never been won by a pilot with less than exemplary skill. Many winners have gone on to become legends, so join us on the 14th to find out who will be next to ascend to glory amongst the stars."

    Any last minute entrants should contact Commander Kitiara for more information on how to sign up.

  • Restoring Sanity to Anarchy in Banki and BD+03 2338

    As the Federal Navy begins to move into position around Banki and BD+03 2338, independent Commanders from all corners of the galaxy have started gathering at Antonio De Andrade Vista in Banki and Matteucci Terminal in Khasiri in preparation for the final set of engagements against the Federal rebels.

    The Federal Navy has issued a warning calling for all civilians to evacuate the areas around Banki and BD+03 2338 immediately. The official policy being that any unidentified ships caught in the coming conflict will be treated as enemy combatants, meaning they will most likely be destroyed on sight.

    All loyal members of the Federation are requested to report to either Antonio De Andrade Vista in Banki or Matteucci Terminal in Khasiri to receive orders as to how they can best lend their support to the Federal Navy. Non-combat roles are available for conscientious objectors.

  • February 12, 3301
  • The Legend Returns

    It's been some time since Jaques began his epic journey from orbit around the moon of Topaz into the mysterious places of the great unknown. A week ago we reported that Jacques Station was seen by an intrepid commander in HIP 110620.

    What mysteries will the enigmatic cyborg see on his long travels? Emma Hallows, asked Jaques those very same questions the robotic barkeep responded-

    "If people want to know my story, they'd best come buy a drink and find out for themselves."

  • February 11, 3301
  • Lucan Onionhead Farmers Welcome Agricultural Commodities Traders

    Reports have reached GalNet that Lucan Onionhead farmers in the Tanmark system have been receiving regular supplies of Agricultural Medicine, Crop Harvesters, Land Enrichment Systems and Biowaste from intrepid traders sympathetic to their cause.

    "This is welcome news" said Georgio Algeria of the Kappa Fornacis Farmers Union. "A few Commanders helped us in Panem, and that’s cool but not enough. If enough of you can help get them to Tanmark we’ll be happy. And so will you. This is the way we make Onionhead bigger, better. It’s what we all want. Long live Onionhead! Lucan Onionhead for all!”

    No Federal representatives were available to comment.

  • February 10, 3301
  • Soontill Alien Artefacts to be Auctioned at Ngurii

    Soontill is back in the news this week as fresh rumours have surfaced of alien items hitting the market in Ngurii.

    It's been nearly two decades since Gallagher Restoration's auction of Soontill relics was discovered to be merely an outrageous publicity stunt. Although many high profile individuals were left red faced after the Phekda auction, most notably the band Jjagged Bbanner, it seems people still want to believe in the Thargoid legend. Indeed, several familiar names have already come forward enquiring about the new finds.

    What gives the latest rumours more credence than previous claims is the fact that the source of the alien items is not just one individual or one group, but several different lone wolf pilots.

    Is this another hoax?, Another stunt?

  • Compassion was the Cure for Ngaliba

    The community of Ngaliba managed to avoid a fate worse than death this past weekend, as hundreds of aid workers flew to the region to help find a cure for the plague that had been ravaging its way through the system.

    Imperial, Federal and Independent pilots from all walks of life came together to provide the vital resources needed to save countless lives. Thanks to their efforts there were less than a dozen confirmed causalities before a cure was finally found.

    Samples of the Ngaliba Plague have been sent on to all major virus repository databases as protection against any potential future outbreaks.

  • Yembo-Crowdsourcing Required to Help Build New Station

    After a week of speculation, Universal Cartographics have today announced that the system chosen to receive what is planned to be the first of a new fleet of UC controlled Explorer Station’s will be HIP 101110.

    Samuel Covington, the leader of the committee in charge of choosing HIP 101110 as the target location, had this to say about the announcement -

    “Hopefully this will be the first step in putting a more robust support system in place for all the brave men and women who risk their lives out there in the black. It won’t be easy establishing a station so far away, but we believe the rewards far outweigh any obstacles that might crop up along the way.”

    Partial construction of the new station will take place in the shipyards of Yembo. Anyone capable of sourcing metals are advised to get themselves over to Naddoddur Terminal - Yembo straight away, as Universal Cartographics are offering some exceptional incentives to Commanders helping with their current construction efforts.

  • February 9, 3301
  • Prism Senator Courts Controversy Again!

    In a move which is likely to further increase tensions between the Federation and the Empire, a high ranking Lady of the Empire has been denied access to the Sol system.

    Lady Kahina Tijani Loren, the Senator from the Prism system, was on a diplomatic mission at the behest of Chancellor Blaine when her Imperial Courier was interdicted whilst jumping into the Sol system.

    According to Imperial sources, Lady Kahina’s vessel came under attack by unidentified ships, but fought its way free despite suffering significant damage during the incident.

    Federal representatives insist that the Imperials failed to file a valid itinerary, which resulted in a lack of an escort through Federal space. The Empire has demanded a formal apology from the Federation, but so far this demand has gone unanswered.

    Lady Kahina was quoted as saying, "I don't like to be late."

  • Celebration at Abraham Lincoln Starport in Earth Orbit, Sol

    Pilots from around the galaxy are expected to gather outside Abraham Lincoln Starport, located in Earth orbit in the Sol system, at 18-00 on the 12th of February for the annual remembrance of the Station's namesake, President Abraham Lincoln.

    This date marks the 1,492nd anniversary of Lincoln's birth. Lincoln, president of one of the great democracies of the Northern Hemisphere in Earth's 19th century, is credited with ending the practice of human slave trafficking in that nation.

    Pilots gather each year at Abraham Lincoln Starport to show their solidarity in ending the galactic slave trade by flashing their ships' headlights for 30 seconds at precisely 18-00 on the evening of the anniversary.

    - CMDR Jaiotu

  • February 8, 3301
  • Underground Racers Spotted In and Around Sol

    Unsanctioned Fight Club - Chelomy Vison, Balaikda

    The war might be over, but the battle lives on in Balaikda with the arrival of the Chelomy Vision fight club.

    In this club, members engage in unsafe, unsanctioned brawls in the skies above Chelomy Vision. The winner goes home covered in credits and glory, while the losers get an all weekend pass to the medical centre.

    Last week the club ran a stock sidewinder event, and the carnage was brutal. This week the competition is expected to be even more fierce, but with so many credits up for grabs, independent pilots are expected to fly in from all over to prove they've got the skills to pay the bills. Meetings take place weekly at 05-00 sharp universal time.

  • February 7, 3301
  • Long Lost Station Returns

    Some years ago Jaques’ Station left its orbit around the moon of Topaz. It’s mission? To discover new beverages, explore distant stars, and bravely go where no starport had been before. When the starport left on its journey the station was being captained by the toughest barman in all of occupied space, a part-Cyborg known only by the moniker of Jaques.

    Jaques’ transformation from man to machine began during the time he served as a member of the Quinentis Fourteens, a Federal black ops strike team. His unit was captured by enemy forces during the Battle of Hell’s Gate.

    The intrepid ex-soldier spent close to the next 200 years improving his cybernetic implants and saving up to buy the station in order to head off and explore the stars in style, and he is happy for people to join him. Stay tuned to GalNet to find out all the latest developments as they occur.

  • Planning Underway for New Frontier Station

    Universal Cartographics have today announced their intention to launch a new exploration station. Plans for the development of the new station are already well underway, although the ultimate destination has yet to be chosen.

    Members of Universal Cartographics and the Explorers’ Association were asked to submit proposals as to the most useful location for the station. The following have been identified as candidates -

    • HIP 101110
    • SYNUEFE FR-T B36-3
    • Maia
    • HIP 117585
    • HIP 27215

    The board has requested that members of the Pilots Federation provide additional system data to help finalise the decision.

  • February 6, 3301
  • Patreus Fire Sale in Durius Ends

    The mass selling off of all surplus military assets from the Speke Prospect armoury was carried out at the behest of Imperial Senator Denton Patreus, to whom the people of Durius owe a rather significant debt.

    The Citizens of Tradition, acting in their position as custodians of Durius, have promised to use their newly acquired funds to further stimulate the local economy through the creation of new employment opportunities. To that end, Senator Patreus, in association with Senator Torval, has generously offered to provide free training for all debt- ridden citizens of Durius willing to be retrained for work as Imperial Slaves to clear their remaining debt.