Galactic News

  • February 5, 3301
  • It’s Not All About Sovereignty

    The past few months have seen dozens of frontier systems launch initiatives to break away from Sol, due in no small part to the higher taxes being charged by the Federal government.

    The most recent referendum on Federal membership took place in the Dulos system, where an overwhelming 75% of the population voted to leave the Federation and become an Independent state.

    However, in recent weeks there has been a surge of support for the Federal government all across occupied space. Where previously there were tens of dozens of independent movements pushing to break away, all but a small handful of them have now fizzled out.

    Pundits point to actions taken by Admiral Vincent of the Federal Navy to protect the interests of member states at short notice, as the cause of this most recent shift in opinion.

  • Spassky's Inheritance, Mikunn

    The Dukes of Mikunn have begun sanctions against the dictatorial Law Party of HR 7327, in the HR 7327 system. As such, commerce to the Law Party owned Gabriel Station will be under blockade until such time as a regime change occurs. As the Dukes of Mikunn currently hold majority influence in the system, the reins of power at Gabriel Station should naturally pass to the Duchy of Mikunn.

    For the safety of all private traders, their Graces the Dukes have requested that independent pilots should stay clear of HR 7327, and Gabriel Station in particular, until further notice.

    Traffic should be routed to the neighbouring systems of Sukua, Kwatee and of course, Mikunn. Commanders interested in toppling the dictatorship of the Law Party should make their way to Mikunn and contact Commander Lucifer Wolfgang, Commander Calomiriel, or his Lordship the Count of Monte Fisto.

    Soda Popinski, Media Relations, Duchy of Mikunn

  • February 4, 3301
  • Federation Withdraws from Panem

    Following on from the deployment of Federal aid to the beleaguered farmers of Panem, President Halsey has today announced her intention to recall all Federal forces from Kappa Fornacis.

    The President has said of this -

    “I am pleased with how our marines-turned aid workers were able to help restore order to Panem so quickly - exemplary of what the Federation can offer its allies.”

    The leader of the Kappa Fornacis Farmer’s Association, Georgio Algeria, has denounced the Federation’s efforts. He said to gathered reporters -

    “Don’t be fooled by the Federation. They’re liars! This is just window dressing. They bully us, they burn us, now they try to buy us. Well we ain’t scared and we ain’t for sale. We say what happens on Panem, and we say Onionhead will live on!”

  • February 3, 3301
  • Trouble on the Fringe - Balaikda

    It seems that even the edges of colonised space aren't free of problems.

    A civil war has broken out in Balaikda between two of the system's minor factions, namely HIP 43760 State Plc and Balaikda Ltd. The former is Federation-aligned and unsurprisingly calls the nearby HIP 43760 home, while the latter is a local firm.

    Observers have reported a heavy handed response to this Federal involvement in an Imperial system, resulting in the Imperial Navy setting up checkpoints near a number of local planets. One source, who asked to remain unnamed, said "these checkpoints are manned by Elite Vipers and Cobras fitted with Plasma Accelerators, and so not to be taken lightly."

    Battles have broken out across the system, with various local factions offering combat bonds in an attempt to urge independent pilots to lend a hand in the small scale factional struggle.

  • Vesper-M4 Plays Unwilling Host to Demolition Derby

    Slough Orbital hosted the galaxy's inaugural SIDEWINDER DEMOLITION DERBY last Sunday and it was a huge success. The event, which will now be held on the first Sunday of every month, sees pilots flying their basic, weapons and shield-free Sidewinders at full speed around the airlock ring in an attempt to blow each other up.

    Slough Orbital’s Captain, Commander Rose, has expressed frustration at these troubling turn of events. Telling GalNet -

    "The Jet Transport Corporation lost a lot of trade last Sunday. No ships were able to enter or leave the station for almost an hour for fear of being blasted into smithereens by these lunatic pilots."

    Commander Angel Rose, daughter of Captain Rose, has praised the event, saying -

    "My father is a stuffy old codger. Everyone had a lot of fun, especially this month's derby winner, Commander Scicobalt. No-one was actually hurt, although Commander Belstarion's pride took a big dent when he got repeatedly stuck in the stations superstructure. I look forward to doing it all again next month!"

  • February 2, 3301
  • CN Bootis Rapid Wealth Expansion

    The United CN Bootis Progressive Party announced its plan for system expansion today, eliciting a negative response from other factions in the system. The Progressive Party has increased its controlling influence of the system over the past week by over 10% with the aid of mercenary pilots. A spokesman said -

    “We have stepped up trading at Sellings City dock, and have increased our patrols of all seven Resource Extraction Sites in the system. We have met with significant push-back from local pirate factions. Fighting is intense, but profitable to successful pilots.”

    “We are hiring miners, traders, and bounty hunters to help us continue our takeover of the system.”

    Opposing factions could not be reached directly for comment. Stay tuned for updates.

    CMDR Otalp

  • February 1, 3301
  • Rejuvenation of Kappa Fornacis Underway

    While protests on Mars continue, things are looking up for the beleaguered people of Kappa Fornacis, as Federal support agencies have begun delivering aid packages to those affected by the recent bombardment of the Onionhead fields on Panem. One of the protesters on the steps of Congress jeered at this -

    “It is a cynical ploy to undo the bad publicity from the bombing. The Federal Navy should never have attacked a peaceful planet - the farmers were taking advantage of a naturally occurring crop.”

    Entrepreneurial commanders looking to capitalise on the federal grant to rebuild Kappa Fornacis are being asked to source Agricultural Medicine, Crop Harvesters, Terrain Enrichment Systems and as much Biowaste as possible. All goods should be delivered to the logistics centre aboard Harvestport.

    Georgio Algeria of the Farmer’s Union on Panem said -

    “We did OK from Onionhead. Here and on Luca. We’re here to stay. Keep your stinking aid. Be happy. Onionhead helps!”

  • January 31, 3301
  • Lucan Onionhead Declared an Illegal Narcotic

    After a week of hurried testing and rushed legislation, finally Lucan Onionhead has been declared an illegal narcotic in all sectors of Federal space. This new statute was rushed onto the books in response to the appearance of a new, slightly modified strain of Onionhead in the Tanmark system.

    Onionhead has proven to be a contentious issue among Federal communities over the last few months. The drug is extremely popular among young adults, with many claiming the use of Onionhead is completely harmless.

    President Halsey disagrees, pointing to reports by respected Federal scientists that warn of the dangers associated with the popular narcotic. Evidence collected by Federal scientists supposedly suggests the neurological damage being done by the drug not only causes severe impairment of judgement in the short term, but that it may also cause amyloid plaques to form throughout the brains of long term users. Such studies have yet to be made available to the public.

  • Citizens Show Strong Support for Aisling

    Seven days after the program to help free Imperial Slaves before the end of their agreed term was started, Stop Slavery Stupid has claimed that over 100,000 Imperial Slaves have been brought to Cemeiss to be freed in the Diva Duval’s name.

    With her grandfather, the Emperor, unable to fulfil his duties as head of state, this surge of support could mark the start of Aisling making her own move to claim the Imperial Throne.

    When asked to comment, Aisling said she was “super thrilled” that so many people are willing to support a cause so close to her heart.

    An Imperial source, who wanted to remain anonymous, told us -

    “It was only a tiny number of commanders, only a hundred that supported this scheme, each making multiple deliveries. ‘Her team’ behind her are shady individuals after the power of the throne. This is a stunt. Signing up as an Imperial Slave to repay a debt is no different to signing up for the Military.”

  • January 30, 3301
  • Federal Crackdown in Banki and BD+03 2338

    The Federation has started to insist that its member states follow procedure if they wish to leave. Congressman Jefferson, the Secretary of State for Finance said -

    “We will take a firm stance against States withholding their contributions to the Federal budget. If States wish to leave, then they must follow the proper procedure. It may be unpopular, but that is what they agreed to.”

    Reports are coming in that representatives of the Federal Navy have been deployed to Banki and BD+03 2338 with explicit orders to bring the systems back under Federal Law.

    Independent pilots interested in gaining favour with the Federation are being asked to assist the Gold Advanced Partners in Banki, and the Progressive Party in BD+03 2338. Both groups have been given access to sizeable war chests by the Federal Navy.

  • December 9, 3301
  • Senator Offers Deep Discounts on Military Surplus

    Following on from the cessation of hostilities in Durius, civic management teams operating on behalf of Senator Patreus have declared that they will be holding a fire sale to clear out any excess equipment which the citizens of Durius no longer require.

    It is hoped that the sale will generate some much needed capital for the impoverished region, although how many of the credits will be directly spent on the Durius system remains unknown. When asked to comment on the matter, Senator Patreus’s office said that a fair repayment schedule has been organised. They went on to state that most of the credits accrued would be left in the hands of the Citizens of Tradition, who will continue to manage the day to day running of Durius for the foreseeable future. It is not clear at this stage whether this will cover the repayments.

    Any pilots interested in saving themselves some serious credits on small non-Imperial ship upgrades are advised to head over to the Speke Prospect outpost in Durius immediately. Sale only while stocks last!

  • December 8, 3301
  • Congressman Had Early Knowledge of VP’s Death?

    The press furore over the death of the Federal Vice President has been given a new burst of life, after a recording of a local constituency meeting was released on the scurrilous news channel ‘The Low Down’.

    In the otherwise low-key meeting held in a village outside Quenisset, Mars, on January 12th, the local mayor offered his condolences to the family and friends of a local businessman murdered during a robbery earlier in the week. George Fallside, the local Congressman, was present at the meeting. The Congressman, who was clearly distracted by social media at the time of the meeting, followed the mayor’s speech by offering his condolences to the Vice President’s family.

    This was an hour after the VP’s death, but half an hour before the news of his death broke. The Congressman was not available for comment, but an aide has said -

    “Is it a big deal? He clearly misheard what was said.”

    On ‘The Low Down’ they followed up by emphasising the Congressman’s links with the military, and in particularly his non-exec directorship of Core Dynamics.

  • Mistaken Identity Leads to Outrage Amongst Explorers’ Association

    In a surprising twist to a story published earlier in the week, it would appear that the man previously believed to have been Commander Kamzel of the DSS Beagle, was in fact an imposter who had stolen the Commander’s identity in order to try and sell millions of credits worth of bogus data.

    According to the real Commander Kamzel’s support team, the last communiqué from the intrepid explorer had come just days before the imposter had carried out his plan to impersonate the Commander. The communiqué in question stated that the Commander’s trusty ASP, the DSS Beagle, had received significant damage while in the outer reaches of the galaxy.

    Lincoln station security services believe that the imposter managed to intercept the message to Kamzel’s team, at which point the thief decided to take advantage of the uncertainty surrounding the fate of the DSS Beagle in order to steal millions of credits.

    It is believed that Commander Kamzel is currently on his way towards the Scutum-Centaurus arm, at which point he will attempt to send an encrypted signal to his team in case a rescue operation is needed.

  • Vive La Révolution De Lave

    Word circulated recently on the Galnet boards that a coalition of pilots of French origin (a country from ancient Earth, whose descendants still speak an archaic dialect) were planning to launch a violent coup aimed at gaining control of Lave station.

    As home to one of the galaxy’s finest flight schools, Lave holds deep sentimental value to many pilots from all walks of life.

    Lord Ryan of Ugain was the first to hit back, “My family emigrated from Lave to the Empire back in the days of Walden! We won't let the system succumb to tyranny again!”

    Commander Ulysses Wolf, an Imperial Explorer, also hit back, “We won't just stand by and let it happen!”

    Many other pilots also voiced their discontent, suggesting that if a French Coalition did attempt a takeover they'd have more than just local Alliance Forces to deal with. President James Gibson of Lave couldn't be reached for comment.

  • January 27, 3301
  • The Silver Comet

    The bounty hunter gossip columns are abuzz with a reported sighting of the fabled 'Silver Comet'. A long-standing superstition states that "anyone who sees the Silver Comet will die," and it seems this latest sighting will only serve to reinforce the myth. The report came from Quiness by pilot Johanna Meister, Deadly rank, who has since disappeared - last sighted in the Alioth system.

    The Federal Navy dispatched a taskforce to investigate the mysterious comet’s appearance in Quiness, although so far they claim to have uncovered no evidence to support Commander Meister’s claim.

    This news hasn't stopped independent hunters from getting curious. Silhar Bradeus, head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, has offered a hefty reward for any information on the Silver Comet or the location of missing pilot Johanna Meister.

  • Dulos Announces its Intention to Secede

    A record number of people turned out to vote on the matter of an Independent Dulos this weekend, so much so that local station services found themselves struggling to contain the sheer number of visitors to the system.

    While the battle was hard fought, with impassioned last minute campaigning coming out from both sides, in the end the Defence Party of Dulos managed to garner a staggering 75% approval rating for their move towards an Independent Dulos. The Federal representatives, the Green Party of Dulos, have said that they will not be contesting the vote.

    This news will come as quite a blow for President Halsey, whose heavy handed rule of Federal Frontier systems has seen a number of far flung provincial governments start to question the value of maintaining ties with Sol.

    Doubtless this most recent defection will be watched with great interest by powers throughout the galaxy, although exact details regarding a roadmap towards true independence for Dulos has yet to be announced.

  • December 6, 3301
  • Sale at LHS 3447 Ends

    The Future of LHS 3447 Party, in partnership with the LHS 3447 Dynamic and Co Corporation, would like to take this opportunity to thank customers both old and new for their continued patronage.

    The last week has seen an unprecedented number of traders pass through the system, with reports indicating that profits are up over 500% across the board. The biggest winners were the shipyards in Dalton Gateway, who saw profits soar an unprecedented 65 fold after selling a record breaking 2364 ships in just 5 days. Perhaps unsurprisingly, a large portion of those profits can be attributed to unprecedented sales of the ever popular Lakon Type 9 Heavy and its little sister the Lakon Type 7.

    Members of the local community flocked to social media to praise the leadership of the Future of LHS 3447 Party, not only for increasing trade across the board, but also for their continued commitment to making LHS 3447 a hub of Federal activity for the surrounding sector.

  • Previously Unknown Explorer Returns from Outer Rim

    Lincoln station played host to a rather eclectic delegation of scientists this weekend, as word spread of the return of Erimus Kamzel from his lengthy expedition to our galaxy’s Outer Rim. Commander Erimus’ journey, which started in Sol, saw our intrepid explorer travel a total of a staggering 144,000 light years before he was able to return home.

    Part of the journey saw Erimus pass through the Galactic Core, where he was able to collect great swathes of data on areas such as the Greae Phio Stellar Forge, the Phipoea Nebula and the Dryad Chrea Stellar Remnant.

    Perhaps most exciting of all, Commander Erimus is believed to have mapped out a whole host of previously unexplored areas of space beyond the Scutum-Centaurus Arm. Federal, Imperial and Independent scientists from institutions all over occupied space are now engaged in a hot bidding war to see who will be the first to get their hands on Commander Erimus’ records.

    Erimus has issued a statement saying that he believes his discoveries should be shared freely with all humanity. To which effect he has released a series of video logs that can be viewed right now by searching your local video network for Distant Suns.

  • January 25, 3301
  • Dulos to Hold Referendum on Leaving the Federation

    The people of Dulos have finally begun preparations for the referendum that will decide whether or not the system retains its Federal status. At the moment the federal vote, represented by the Green Party of Dulos, is lagging behind by almost 30 points. If things don’t change by Monday, the Dulos Defence Party will win by a landslide, leading the system to declare itself an independent state.

    Polling suggests that the movement for independence has enjoyed strong support amongst the local populace, a sentiment which is becoming more and more common among systems positioned outside of the Federal core, though in the last few days Federal supporters have become more active.

    Of course not everyone is eager to leave the Federation behind. The independence movement in Sugrivik has failed to sway local voters to their cause, despite a significant amount of credits being spent by Purple Netcoms Holdings in an attempt to persuade people to back their play for independence.

    When asked for comment in regards to the Dulos referendum, President Halsey’s office issued a statement saying that the President trusts the people of Dulos to do the right thing.

  • Istanu Piracy Out of Control

    An investigation into local pirate activity near the Alliance core systems has shown a focused gathering of cut-throat pirates in the Istanu system.

    Miners operating in the area have been abruptly forced to leave or face death at the receiving end of high powered beam lasers.

    One local miner who wished to remain anonymous (due to future health reasons) had this to say about the situation-

    “It’s out of control! These pirates won’t let an honest miner do a day’s job without gettin’ shot at. The Alliance aren’t interested in doing anything about them! We need more independent pilots to come help clean up this mess.”

    Individual contractors are being informed that many bounties are up for grabs. For a point of contact, CMDR Jobedy of the Alliance Outskirt Fleet has taken lead and is forming a local militia to assist the innocent miners reclaim the system.