Galactic News

  • February 25, 3301
  • Metal Madness Strikes in LAWD 26

    The secret is out! There’s a metal rush happening in LAWD 26, with thousands of entrepreneurs heading to the region in the hope of making their fortune before one of the big three mining corporations can establish a presence in the system.

    News first broke about the newly discovered pristine mining site early last week, when a large quantity of raw gold was found aboard a Sidewinder that had been abandoned at Crook's Hub Starport in Toolfa. It turned out that the Sidewinder belonged to a Commander Hank Stone (deceased), a well known prospector who had struck it rich when he discovered the previously untapped source of metals.

    Doubtless it won’t be long before the corporations move in to strip mine the area, but until they do there are some serious credits to be made in LAWD 26 by anyone willing to work hard and get their hands dirty!

  • Assassination Attempt as Lugh Rallies in Alioth Grow

    Alioth played host to scenes of chaos today when Éamonn Uí Laoghire addressed the crowds after his second attempt to gain an audience with Alliance representatives failed. While engaging with the huge numbers that had gathered to hear him speak, Éamonn was targeted by a single shot that was fired from a nearby building.

    The shot missed the ambassador, but killed a member of the crowd. The ambassador was rushed to safety as the crowd began to flee the scene in terror, causing enough chaos for the assailant to escape undetected.

    Uí Laoghire later returned to the steps outside the central council building to deliver his most defiant speech yet.

    "We declare the right of the people of Lugh to the ownership of Lugh. The long usurpation of that right by a foreign people and government has not extinguished that right, nor can it ever be extinguished, no matter how many murderers the Federation sends to try and silence us.”

  • February 24, 3301
  • Duval Distributes Doctors in Furbaide

    Aisling Duval made her presence felt in Furbaide today, as she arrived at Effinger Port to offer assistance to overworked medical staff currently caught in the struggle against the virulent and deadly Volungu Blight. Along with her usual entourage, the Diva Duval bought dozens of Imperially trained doctors and nurses, all of whom will be offering their services for free to anyone afflicted by the Blight.

    It is hoped that the biomedical expertise provided by the Imperial doctors will shed some light on the genetic makeup of the disease, whose aggressive transmission and resistance to known drug therapies has local medical staff completely stumped.

    The death toll for the disease is now reaching into the thousands, and with no cure in sight the situation can be expected to get worse before it gets better.

  • Lucan Onionhead Lives On in Tanmark

    The Defence Force of Tanmark, in association with the Farmers Union of Kappa Fornacis, is pleased to announce the success of their initiative to increase the local production of Lucan Onionhead.

    Over the last week hundreds of independently minded contractors delivered over 500,000 tons of land enrichment systems to Cassie-L-Peia. Specialist farmers from Kappa Fornacis were then able to stimulate the mass growth of Lucan Onionhead clones.

    When asked for comment, President Halsey’s office reiterated that Lucan Onionhead is illegal within all Federal jurisdictions and that anyone caught transporting, cultivating or otherwise selling the drug would be subject to prosecution.

  • February 23, 3301
  • Building a New Ship - BD+03 2338

    Despite Admiral Vincent's strong words during yesterday's press conference, President Halsey has refused the Admiral's request to send additional forces for the attack on Polahukuna.

    In response, the Federal Navy, in conjunction with Core Dynamics, has declared their intention to commission the creation of a new capitol ship. The new ship will be built in the recently recaptured shipyards of BD+03 2338, and the Admiral's personal contingent will remain in the locale in order to protect the construction of the new vessel.

  • Lambda Andromedae: Bringing Data Home

    Inspired by Universal Cartographics recent push to expand humanities borders, the Sirius Corporation has today announced its plan to launch a number of new colonial outposts to the very edges of occupied space.

    Ana Quin, Sirius' Junior Vice President of Interstellar Logistics, had this to say about the announcement:

    "We're very excited to move forward with this project. It's been a long time coming, but finally the board have agreed it's time to get the ball rolling. We've got the tech and the volunteers, all we need now is to know where to send them."

    Sirius is currently offering sizeable monetary rewards for explorers who bring usable exploration data containing potential candidate sites to their offices aboard Nourse Orbital in Lambda Andromedae.

  • February 22, 3301
  • The Importance of Insurance

    It’s been said before, but it's worth saying again. Remember to set aside credits for your insurance excess.

    Only recently Commander Gui returned home to Sol with his newly purchased Anaconda. Having equipped it with all the essentials he departed... straight in to an incoming Type 9. Without the 4 million credits to cover the excess for his ship, he was left with no choice but to resort to a budget Sidewinder. His loss for that one incident was 80 million credits.

    Though many pilots can turn to creditors to cover some of the costs in case of emergency, 200 thousand credits is not enough to cover the cost of a truly premium vessel.

    The moral of the story? Always check your rebuy costs in your systems screen before launching. Don't leave the space port without having the excess..

    You’ve been warned commanders...

    Commander Sheehy of the Reorte Chronicle

  • Lugh Makes a Bold Step Towards Independence

    The Alioth system has been at the centre of controversy today after the arrival of Éamonn Uí Laoghire, the leading spokesperson in the current bid for independence of the Lugh system.

    While at the time of this report Ambassador Uí Laoghire has not yet been granted an audience with Alliance state officials, he did address the huge throngs of supporters who came out to greet him on the steps of the state residence.

    "Since its earliest inception the Lugh system was settled by a sovereign people of one lineage and one religion who have made it their spiritual home. Popular support for The Crimson State Group in the last polls was at 87%. The only thing standing in the way of the will of the people is the Federal Navy! I have come here today to request that the Alliance of Independent Systems recognise the legitimacy of a free and democratic Lugh."

  • February 21, 3301
  • Crackdown in Cemiess

    There’s trouble brewing in Cemiess, caused in no small part by the recent influx of emancipated Imperial Slaves who now call the area their home.

    The number of petty thefts and burglaries being reported on Emerald has risen by over 300% compared with the same period in 3300, resulting in local social sites being flooded with complaints from long term residents who claim they fear for their families’ safety.

    In response to the unrest, Commissioner Chamberlain of Emerald Security issued the following statement:

    “While we appreciate the situation may feel like it’s spiralling out of control, we do advise all citizens to remain calm. Crime is up, but no more than what we might expect to see after any large group suddenly moved into the area. We understand residents are concerned about their security and as such a curfew is being put into effect. However, we would like to stress that this is purely a temporary measure until such time as our newest residents have integrated more fully with the local community.”

  • Vesperian Auction Today Only

    The galaxy is abuzz with excitement following the news that an anonymous donor has contributed a case of highly valuable and extremely rare Vesperian Nectar to the charity SpecialEffect, an organisation dedicated to leveraging technology in order to enhance the quality of life for people with physical disabilities .

    Vesperian Nectar is produced from the nectar of Vesperian Orchid flowers, a plant that only grows on the planet Slough in Vesper-M4. The exceptional sweetness of this honey has baffled scientists and foodologists for centuries, as the atmosphere on Slough itself is both toxic and highly acidic. The honey is made by the Vesperian “Orchid Bee”, an insect well known for its deadly sting. Vesperian beekeeping is a risky business, with numerous deaths occurring amongst keepers each year.

    Commander Angel Rose will be holding private auctions on behalf of SpecialEffects throughout the day.

  • February 20, 3301
  • Taking the Fight Home

    Following the Federation's success in routing the rebel forces from Banki and BD+03 2338, Admiral Vincent has declared his intention to follow the invaders of BD+03 2338 back to their own homes.

    "I think the message is clear," Admiral Vincent declared at press conference earlier today. "We will not allow terrorists to break our laws or brainwash our people. The Polahukuna Raiders, and those like them, need to learn that their actions have consequences. The Federation will not sit idly by and let the infections of chaos and anarchy spread and fester."

    The Admiral went on to say that he would reveal plans as to the nature of the Federation's foray into Polahukuna shortly.

  • President Orders Attack on Nijotec

    In a shock announcement issued this morning, President Halsey has ordered an all out assault on the Nijotec region.

    In her address to the Federation, President Halsey had this to say on the matter:

    “For too long the Nijotec Syndicate have been preying on the weak, innocent and infirm. I stand before you today to tell you that the Federation will not stand idly by while a supposedly legitimate independent nation abuses its own people. These openly criminal states are nothing more than self-serving parasites that have no place in greater galactic society. Let the liberations of Nijotec, Banki and BD+03 2338 serve as warnings to any tin-pot dictators who think they can send their own little slices of civilisation back to the dark ages.”

    Nijotec is a small system that acts as a permanent home to just 21,500 people. In the past it was well known for its rich mineral deposits, although the system has since been strip-mined to the point where the local refineries are currently exporting very little produce. The recession in the region and the subsequent abandonment of the sector’s two outposts by the Lycan Moon Mining Corporation provided fertile ground in which the criminal group known as the Nijotec Syndicate were able to flourish and grow.

  • February 19, 3301
  • The Long Trip Home

    After a week of wandering in HIP 110620 the Jaques Starport is now making its way through HIP 110079. GalNet is still no closer to learning the reason behind the station's unexpected return, nor can we ascertain where the cyborg barman's ultimate destination may be.

    A number of well known commanders from all walks of life have been seen coming in and out of Jaques, which is fast becoming a popular nightspot among young thrillseekers from the Empire, Federation and Alliance alike.

    Now that his self-imposed exile has finally come to an end, Jaques appears content to simply wander the stars in the company of a people he once called his own, accompanied by the booming sound of a dark electric beat.

  • The Fastest Pilot in the Galaxy

    This is Casey Murrow and today I'm talking exclusively with Commander Samwell Drakhyr, winner of this year’s big race, the St. Valentine Day Regatta. So just how did you manage to win it all Sam?

    "A bad pilot is controlled by their ship. They are surprised all the time, because their mind is in harmony with neither ship nor surroundings. A good pilot controls their ship. They are surprised only half the time, because they know the limits of their ship so well that it is becomes part of them, directed by the pilot's will without conscious effort, like a limb."

    "I strive to go beyond that. I scout my route until I own it. I make it part of me. I do my thinking in advance so when I fly on the day there is no mind, no ship, no pilot that exists as separate entities. My hands move, yet in a way it feels like they are steady, inevitable, and it is instead the universe itself that is moving."

    Excellent and inspiring advice there from Commander Drakhyr, champion of the 37th almost annual St. Valentine Day Regatta.

  • February 18, 3301
  • Station Construction Now Underway

    Thanks to the combined efforts of entrepreneurs, small business owners and corporate sponsors, preparations for the launch of the new EAUC Exploration Ocellus are now well underway. 4871 commanders contributed over 8154177 tons of metal to the project, which in turn has allowed the EAUC coalition to outfit the station to a level far beyond their original specifications.

    Universal Cartographics has released a statement thanking the committee members who wisely chose the mineral rich system of HIP 101110 as the potential launch site, as well as to Zimm_Macugz for organising the delivery of an impressive 150000 tonnes of raw materials.

    The new station is expected to be ready for its maiden voyage to HIP 101110 now know as New Yembo within the next few days.

  • February 17, 3301
  • New VP Appointed

    In a formal ceremony in the Congress building on Mars, Congressman Ethan Naylor, the Congressman for Siren was formally signed in as the Federal Vice President.

    This is a controversial choice as this is the first time a member of the Federal Leadership has been a Congressman from a frontier world. Some have said that President Halsey is reacting to critics that here government is too Sol-centric, and others that she may regret the choice.

    In his appointment speech Naylor said:

    “I am honoured to have this phenomenal role. I will see it as my job to see that Federal States on the frontier will get the attention they deserve.”

  • A Question of Security

    During a gathering of patrons held on Eotienses earlier today, Senator Denton Patreus received a standing ovation after delivering a stirring speech on the importance of internal security.

    “We live in uncertain times my friends,” the Senator began. “The health of the Emperor is failing and the wolves are at our door. Even here, close to the very heart of our Empire, there are dangers lurking in every shadow.”

    The Senator went on to say:

    “It might surprise you to learn that just 30 mere lightyears from where we stand bloody handed chaos reigns supreme. The criminals of Falisci use their privileged sovereignty to peck away at law abiding Imperial states, and they are far from the only ones to do so. Is it not our honour bound duty to protect those who cannot protect themselves? We must purge the Empire of these parasites in our midst. Only then will we be free to achieve our true destiny.”

  • Effinger Port Furbaide Reports Contagion Spreading Unchecked

    Despite a valiant effort by medical staff working aboard afflicted stations in Liaedin, LHS 3505 and Furbaide the illness now known as Volungu Blight has managed to evade all attempts to contain it.

    The virulent disease has managed to claim hundreds of lives since it first appeared just 24 hours ago.

    In an attempt to combat the spread of the Blight, a rapid response team has been set up aboard Effinger Port station in the Furbaide system. This team will be working around the clock to find a cure, but they can’t do it alone.

    Dr Miriam Fletcher, head of the Furbaide CDC, has requested that anyone shipping basic medicines divert to Effinger Port in order to donate the supplies needed to stop the Blight before it manages to spread any further.

  • February 16, 3301
  • Patreus Slave Sale Ends

    It's been an interesting week for the people of Durius as they continue to undergo assimilation into the greater Imperial fold.

    As part of that process, the management team in charge of Durius were able to offer debt relief retraining to 12070 newly minted citizens. As a result, 12070 Imperial Slaves found themselves exported from Durius to other parts of the Empire over the last week. A move that was partly facilitated through a newly formed business arrangement between Senator Patreus and Senator Torval.

    Senator Patreus has said of this:

    “I am glad the remaining citizens of Durius have freely entered the honourable Imperial tradition and agreed to repay their share of the debt by voluntarily becoming Imperial Slaves until their debts are fully repaid. I wish them well.”

    Given the fact that the remaining citizenry are in good financial standing, the temporary sale of Imperial Slaves from Durius has now come to an end.

  • The Sorry Fate of Hank Stone

    Residents of Toolfa Large were left in shock this weekend after local security services found a small fortune in raw gold sitting aboard what they presumed to be an abandoned Sidewinder in one of the station’s lower hangers. The ship’s records indicate that its owner, a Mr Hank Stone, had spent the last month alone in the LAWD 26 system, where he had found a previously untapped source of precious metals.

    After a brief investigation it was discovered that a Mr Hank Stone, of no fixed abode, has been found dead in his bunk at Toolfa Large Short Stay Inn several days beforehand.

    Mr Stone is believed to have passed away due to chronic liver failure, a state that was no doubt exasperated by the half dozen empty bottles of Eranin Pearl Whiskey that were found strewn about his cabin.